Yuuksta vs Di Base

Just wondering which one is smoother, more stable, better at grinds, longer spin time, better at slacks,and which is more fun ;D

Whichever one you end up liking better.

Just on a personal note, I have no interest in the Yuuksta. Also, there have been many threads recently in maintenance and mods about people having to destroy or nearly destroy their bearing to get it out of the Yuuksta. Then again, people only talk when they have problems, not when stuff is working smoothly. Just be aware that this has happened enough to the point that buyers should be aware of this potential issue.

I do have a DiBase and I really like it a lot. The bearing is very tight to the seat as well, but it will come out without heroic efforts! It is documented that this yoyo is supposed to be on the tight side to the bearing seat.

Never try and pry out the bearing on either!
If it doesn’t budge, put it in the freezer for 10 mins

And it pops right out with a tool!

capless supposedly is better than Di Base, and it costs approximately the same as yuuksta

i mean, there probably is a reason for the hype around capless (thats why i ordered one myself :smiley: )

if you look around, i’m sure you’ll find one of the last few left at some yoyo shop

Capless is defiantly better!

It plays far better than anything I’ve thrown from c3

And I own a berserker.

That says alot

There’s definitely good reason why the Capless is so popular. It’s a great Yoyo at a really low price.

*More coming out around 2nd week in august.

@Sniffyo on twitter

I also like the Capless more then the Di Base :slight_smile: