OD cafe racer or C3yoyo DI base


which one is better in your opinion> I kinda need to know fast beacause I want to have it before the next nashville yoyo meet which is not this saturday but next…
thanks jeff


I haven’t tried either of those yet, but it is probably not a great idea to go into a competition with a yoyo you are just trying to get to know and understand the feel and tendancy of. Just a thought.


I think you should get a dibase you won’t be disappointed.


has any reviews been done on the DI Base yet? I haven’t seen any I don’t think.


oh its not a cmp…we just go to this skatepark and hang out and yo…I am still not sure which one…lol


I vote Di base in no doubt


I think I am going to go with the Di base…I am trying to get a variety of yoyo brands so I can see what I like best…and I already have a 54…so yea…I think I am going to get the bronze looking one…
thanks guys! jeff


if you haven’t ordered it yet im getting a di base according to fedex in 2 hours so if u want i can tell you what i think


got my Di Base and love it super smooth and stable its a perfect weight for me but comes with 2 weight rings if you need them. the ano is perfect but not great for grinds better than say a yukksta its on par with a dv888 as far as grinding is conserned the red is vibrant and shiny and the blue matte like the blue 888 on the inside not the hub area.

7/10 but considering the price id give it a 10 its a must have