What's you opinion on the di base

I am looking to get a di base but I have never played with one so I need you opinion on it

Never played one, but it’s highly recommended as a first metal yoyo. I’d get one but they don’t have any colors in stock that I like.

If you like mid or undersized it is a must. If you do know your preferences, I would recommend that you try to get a Protostar / trigger. I like full size, so if you want a full sized metal, get a capless

I usually go for full-sized yoyos, but lately I’ve been picking up some smaller stuff.

Having played a few Di Bases, I didn’t like it. Though it’s a fine player at a great price. Just not my cup of tea, though. Very boring.

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Shoot I didn’t mean to say thank you lol. The DI Base is a fantastic yoyo but there is nothing special about it which is what probably makes it so cheap. As for play however it competes with the top brands like one drop, I love mine.

I’m with Links and M.Dev here. Absolutely nothing wrong with the Di Base at all but I rarely reach for mine because it’s just kind of bland.


I absolutely love mine it was my first metal and I loved it first time it threw I was like wow cause I never played with something like that. On another note it is awesome for grinds I use it all the time for that. It is also awesome for slacks easy to whip around but sleeps for a really long time. The only con is it is really hard to get the bearing I mean don’t even try. Oh and one more thing it can be response with a new string a little bit cause of response.

Tis very good. Its mid sized, and plays how you would expect a 100+ buck yoyo to play.

Thanks supbreh

I’m going to have to heavily disagree with this.

Having thrown hundreds of yoyo across the entire price spectrum, I can safely say that the Di Base’s play is on par to its price.

It usually gets a of praise so I was kinda disappointed when I got one. Not as stable as I’d like and I’ve found it needs more spin left for a good bind than most other throws. Switching to concave bearing did noticeably improve its performance.