c3 di base or shinwoo zen 2


i am chooseing between these yoyo but i am having a hard time picking. so please help ;D


I’ll eventually get around to picking a Shinwoo Zen, but I am really liking my Di Base. Yes, it does cost more. I’ve found mine to perform way above it’s price(like at least twice what it costs). Smooth, stable, solid, can grind, and can do horizontal. The V-shape gives a generous catch zone, while the rounded rims provide comfort on the grip and return. Since it can take weight rings, it has a rim you can IRG with if you choose so. No spike means no matador play, but then you can do those sick finger/thumb stand tricks that are all the rage right now.

Sorry I am unable to compare/contrast, but I talk what I know at least.


The Di Base is a great throw especially for Horizontal play. I have talked with a lot of people in the yoyo community and no one has anything bad to say about the Di Base. As far as the shinwoo Zen 2 it is not as respected in the yoyo community as the Di Base.


thanks for the help. i ordered the di base. and for 55 bucks it play better than an 888 and i put in a twisted triefecta and it spins vary smooth. overall greates yoyo i ever owned


Glad you like it. Just proof that you don’t have to spend the really big bucks to get a really amazing yoyo. The C3 DiBase is a model that proves this to be true.