YYF Boss vs. C3 Di Base

I’ve narrowed it down to these two yoyos, and I’m not sure which to get. Which one plays better, sleeps longer, etc.?

All about opinion, but I would suggest the c3 for sure.

yeah the C3 … most def… check out my b/s/t :slight_smile:

c3 di base

The Dibase is a yoyo I really had my eyes on and got it Calstates. I really enjoy it. I am not playing it a lot because I’m back to trying to learn new tricks so I’m on my standby stuff. The DiBase is a bit smaller than my preferences. Even so, it plays big, yet feels light. It’s very stable and moves fantastic through the air with just enough speed so it doesn’t feel too fast or too slow. It is a V-shape, so keep that in mind.

I can’t say anything about the BOSS. I haven’t played it. The shape isn’t one of my favorite shapes, however I’m fairly sure I would like it. It’s just not currently a yoyo I am interested. Not to say I don’t like YYF. I do like YYF. I’m just currently interested in different models at the moment.

I gotta say the DiBase.

… Is the Di Base really that good!? SO far there are 4 people saying the Di Base is better and 0 people saying the Boss is better.

That good? Not the best yoyo out there in my opinion but definitely better than the boss.

Again these are just our opinions. You really need to try different yoyos to make your own opinions about them.

And this comes from the guy who is half of G-Squared!

If you want to double your budget, the Albatross is an amazing yoyo.

Regardless, the key I want to point out is PREFERENCE and OPINION.

Anyone in the Sacramento area who wants to try from my collection, send me an email or text so you can come by my place or to my weekly yoyo meet and try anything in my collection. I don’t have EVERYTHING, but I do have a lot. You’re welcome to try my DiBase, my Albatross, or whatever else i have.

I would get the boss. i really like and think it plays great, i have yet to try a dibase but, loved the boss when i got to try it

di base My friend has the boss.
It was great at first then we kind of got sick of it. Then I used someones c3 and I couldn’t stop using it. The had to take it out of my hands for me to stop.
definetly c3 di base