DI Base


Does anyone know if this yo yo is any good i haven’t really heard much about it. I’m thinking about getting it, if you recommend any other good yo yos in that price range that would be awesome.


I have a DiBase. It is a good modestly-priced yoyo. It has a traditional V-shape; with good weight distribution. I replaces the stock response with flowable and I even like it more.

Others in this category I own and would recommend:

Rec-Rev 33 1/3
YYF G-Funk


The di base looks a bit shaped like an echo but is heavier and as for its play it is a great yoyo but if you can go a little higher than recrev mangaroo is a very great buy.


ok thanks for all the help


I have both the Mangaroo and the 33 1/3. If you want a V-Shaped yoyo - get the Managroo. If you want the better of the two… I stand by my recommendation. Both, however, are GREAT yo-yo’s. I just prefer the 33 1/3 to the Mangaroo.

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I like the dibase its pretty good and really smooth I would pick one up if I were you