Di Base 2 review

Hey guys, this is my review for the new C3Yoyodesign yoyo the Di Base 2! You say Di Base differently than you think, it is supposed to sound like dee baw say. Now onto the review (tell me what you think in the end.)

Diameter: 52.4 mm / 2.06 inches
Width: 41.3 mm / 1.63 inches
Weight: 67.6 grams
Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Response: “Slim Pad” Size 19mm OD

First impressions:
I’ve wanted a Di Base for a while but didin’t know if I should get one but when the Di Base 2 came out I liked the added weight rims and the colors more so I said what the heck, I’ll get one. I got the green/blue acid wash with purple splatter and on mine (i don’t know if it’s the same in others) when it’s spinning it looks like one side is purpleish and the other looks mostly blue, it looks pretty cool inmy perspective. It comes with a stock bearing and this one does not come with rubber weight rims like the first Di Base does.

My first throw I didn’t even think it was sleeping it was so quiet, my brother was a few feet away and couldn’t hear it. I like the response on this but sometimes when you bind it sort of snags and you have to throw a couple of times to get it undone but it catches even when the yoyo is barely sleeping at all. so Idid some tricks with it and even after my longest combo it snapped back to my hand and hurt! after doing some more tricks I decided to do a grind, it was awesome, it just sat there for a bit but then after it grinds for about 3 seconds it completely tips over and dies but it grinds better than the token and DV888 in my mind. For the sleep time with the stock bearing in it slept for 30-45 seconds so I threw in my Crucial Groovedbearing and got about 2 minute sleeps. it doesn’t sleep on the end of the string so well but during play it’s sleeps pretty well.

My experience:
This yoyo’s weight rims have a gap on both sides that a thin piece of metal goes through and it just intrigues me and I don’t know why.The play on this thing is pretty good for the price. It’s dead smooth and only really dies unless you wind up to many strings or on certain tricks. It plays decently fast and is quite snappy in the binds. I loved my experience with this yoyo and might get another one so I can do 3a

If you want a mid-undersize throw for under $60 that plays well and looks cool then get the Di Base 2.

The review is a little light on what makes the yoyo GOOD! I know people want to make sure they include some of the drawbacks, but we also want to know why you might recommend we go buy one before they sell out. :wink:

But thanks for sharing thus far! Looking forward to hearing more about this yoyo if you have the time.

Stock 10-ball? I sure didn’t get a 10-ball in mine, and I can’t find anything that says that they came with a 10-ball…

All C3 come with ten-ball from my experience with the Token and Capless.

Sorry, was in a rush to finish before school this morning. :wink: thanks for the input though. I think I might add some things onto it.

My Token came with a 10-ball, but my Capless came with an 8-ball.

I just assumed that since my token had a ten-ball the capless had one and even more so with the long spin time and quietness it produced for me, Sorry. :-\

nice review! when you put in your crucial bearing, do you think it hit your knucks because it was recently lubed, or were you talking about the stock bearing that made the yoyo come up snappy?

Actually, it was more the response then the bearing. But it still works. ;D

I just got my Di Base 2 yesterday and haven’t really had more than maybe a solid hour and a half to just toss it around -

This yoyo is /dead smooth/ I have to almost double take to make sure its spinning , I am noticing that it seems overly snappy right now and when I bind the string ( I put a YYSL AMMO on it , but that may be a bit much ) and it tends to snarl a lot. I am wondering if the response pads need to be broken in a bit.

Now there may be one other small consideration for the overly snappy return and snarl binds , but it has to do with a possible design flaw , I am no expert in yoyo design and this thing is just a joy to hold in the hand and throw so I would be surprised if it was given the overall epic quality of this yoyo. I am going to give it a while see if it just needs a break in period and / or me needing to adjust to it before really reviewing. I just figured I would add my .02 and that I too am noticing the extra snappiness / bind issue.

So far though I am really digging it, would definitely recommend!