Di Base 2!

This design looks awesome what do you guys think?

Can I have it now? Haha! It looks great! I can’t wait for more info!

etheir this will be the best yoyo or be horrible like the avant garde 2

Meh. It looks like the original Di base with exaggerated rim.

That’s very polarized.

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I am such a fan of the original, I’d love to try it. I hope for that nice price tag again too. $55?


Oh my… Thats already on my wants list!

Honestly that’s a rude statement
The AG2 is a great yoyo.
So I don’t understand the hate.

Back on topic, yeah I WANTT this. Looks like the rims are more powerful
More spin speed and stability for sure!
Perhaps a sweet 3a pair?

I want this but I have a list of throws I’m going to have to get first: Summit,Glacier Express,Triton,Lunarwind,Serum and then maybe after those (so about a year or so) I’ll have to pick one up if there isn’t a di base 3 out by then

Please, post this one more time. Three wasn’t enough.

I hated the Di Base, but the Di Base 2 looks very promising. I’ll see if I can’t get my hands on one.

I want. Looks a bit more angular, and more weight pushed to the rims.

Very exciting! :slight_smile:

That’s a cool new colorway for the superstar!

Uhh, what?

This slightly reminds me of the facade. I’m sure it will be an entirely new experience though, can’t wait to one or two for 3a

Is that an undercut I see near the rim?

I was poking fun at how much it resembles the superstar.