Difference between Di Base and Di Base 2

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Yesterday i tried to buy the Di Base since it was on sale for National Yoyo Day. There was one called the Di Base 2 that seemed to have a cooler designs. It ran out though so i was going to look at it again today and realized it isn’t there anymore. Is there a difference between the two and what happened to the Di Base 2?


The main difference between the Di Base and the Di Base 2 is essentially the rim weight difference.


The original Di Base (left) has no cut at the rim. This leaves the weight a bit closer to the center, and inside the cup.

The Di Base 2 (right) has a cut at the rim which would allow the weight to be pushed further out making it a bit more stable than its older relative.

One might also argue that the Di Base 2 has a bit more of a straight body while the original Di Base is just so slightly rounded. Either of them would be a very wise purchase. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!

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Do should i wait and see if they put the Di Base 2 back on or should i just purchase the Di Base?

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Do= so


if i were given a choice; i would buy a di base 2.
but you never know when it will be in stock again, could take a while since its made/designed out of country. ask by emailing yoyoexpert.


That’s a tough call.

I have the original Di Base and I really enjoy it.

I am anxious to purchase the Di Base2 as well.

It’s really your choice. If you’re into V-shapes, I can’t see how either chocie would be bad. I’m taking the cop-out approach and going to eventually get the 2.


I love my di base 2, but have never played the original. I am loving all my c3 throws, so I imagine it’s also quite great


I only own the original. The original has weight rings that you can add, but I haven’t heard whether the new version has them. If you like weight rings, the original is a great choice.


Di base 2 is restock again in YYE !
get one before all sold out !



Yay! I’ve been waiting for the restock!