Di Base ir and Di base 2


I’m planning to get a Di Base or a Di Base 2. But i don’t really know what differences between two of them. Which one should i get? Can you help me??? Thanks. :slight_smile:


The Di Base 2 has under cut rims. The Di base 1 is also cheaper and has normal rims.

http://cdn.yoyoexpert.com/962/view/images/02.jpg http://cdn.yoyoexpert.com/501/view/images/02.jpg


Thanks, but is there any differences about the gap width?
And can i use the YYF pads to replace for both di base and dibase 2?


I just checked the YYE store for C3 and both the DiBase and DiBase II are selling for $55.

I’m a big fan of the original DiBase. The Dibase II is definitely on my wants list.

I can’t say which one I will like better until I get a DiBase II. I suspect I will like it. I do wonder how that rim undercut effects play.


Any 19mm pads will work.

So yeah YYF (CBC) “Slim” pads are the pads you will want to use.

There is not a gap difference. Trust me, even if there was it would still be unresponsive and not snaggy.

They’re both good, but the regular one plays a little more generic.

I don’t know if the Version 2 is in stock though.


fot me, the shape of the di base 2 is great, and it has bigger rims. I’d go with 2…