c3 di base 2 vs duncan strix vs yyj dark magic 2


Which one is better to learn tricks on? I am learning tricks in the expert and master section of the site ( spirit bomb, and whut, ladder escape, etc.). I also want to know which has better grinds, which could do horizontal, and which could do finger spins better. Don’t tell me to get a dv888, I already have one… ( it broke :frowning: ) don’t tell me to get another one…I already have the advanced section tricks down, I rounded my choices to the 3 yoyos above, any shape is preferred, and flat hubs (ex. Di base etc.), no hubstacks, I don’t like oversized yoyos, some tech tricks become harder… please leave your thoughts below…


C3 Dibase2 all the way,will take you to Intermetitate to master level tricks


I believe based on your preferences that the Dibase 2 would be the one for you. I’m not to sure if it grinds well (the ano looks a bit polished which is not great for grinds, but better than plastics grinding surface, however I could be wrong). It is V-shaped which tend to be good at horizontals, and finger spins seem possible since ethan (guy in the video who used the gold and green splashed dibase) was able to manage a great finger spin, though he is a master at it. Although the Duncan Strix is also great for those things too…so it all depends, do you want a splashed colored yo-yo or a solid colored one?

Oh and the Dibase 2 is smaller in diameter and width than the Strix, so for technical play I assume the Dibase would be easier to use since it is smaller and can pass through strings and has a lesser chance of grabbing strings you don’t want to grab during your tricks and combos. :wink:


Di base 2 for sure. Don’t even go near the others…


Is the di base 2 very stable? Since its smaller it would probably be easier to learn tech right? Does anyone have an opinion on the duncan strix? The yoyonews review doesn’t say much…


I dont know much on it, all I know is it has a really nice shape, and cines with a really good bearing (kk bearing I believe) but still, trust me, go with the di base 2 :slight_smile:


Well, the I’ve heard good things about the Di Base 2 and the Strix, and both seem to fit your preferences. Also, the cup of the Strix, was specially designed for fingerspins.


Ive heard great things about the dibase 2, you should look into that :slight_smile:


Oh man, this is so hard… there is kohta watanabe’s signature yoyo, and there is a mid-sized yoyo that could do everything except some grinds but could still do finger spins like Momo… both are my favorite yoyoers… does the di base 2 feel solid? I heard the strix feels light…and the strix is polished before ano so grinds might be on par with the di base 2or worse…plus, the strix doesn’t look like it has a good irg, and I’m a big thumb grinder,…does the di base 2 feel solid on the string or light?

EDIT : I’ve decided on getting the Duncan Strix.


From what I heard, you really can’t go wrong with either. But I’d say go towards the Di Base 2, I love the Di Base and I can’t wait to try the Di Base 2.

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I own a Strix and I love it. It also fits all of the specifications you listed. If you have any other questions you can PM me.