Want some help finding a New Yo.


I have been playing with the YYF One , with the large speed bearing on and I know how to bind.

What I’m looking for is that complete unresponsive play, with a long spin time. But still be able to fit in my pocket. I’m looking at a price range of under $60.

I also notice my side mount tricks come out a bit crooked. Is that because of my smaller Yoyo or my technic?

I was looking at these following yoyos. (In order of most “attention grabbing”)

YYJ New Breed
YYJ Dark Magic 2
YYJ Vigilante


You might want to get a yoyo holster because most wing shaped yoyos don’t fit in the pocket too well, and there’s a risk the axle could get bent.

-The New Breed is really nice and is big so you could use it easily.

-The Duncan Raptor is really nice. The original ones that first came out had really bad crappy bearings, but the new ones are Dead Unresponsive and Smooth out of the Box.

-C3 Di Base is really small but really good playing yoyo.

Any of those are good first metal yoyos.


You should check out the C3 dibase 2


Since he is fairly new, I recommend that he stays away from the smaller yoyos.


Dibase2 isn’t horribly small. It is only like 2 mm undersized but he wants something that is pocket-friendly.


Fairly new meaning what?


Since you want something to fit in your pocket, something close to undersized is what it seems you want (49mm-52mm). If you want to stick with Yoyofactory, I recommend the DV888. People have mixed feelings but I feel it is a good stable throw at a great price. The Popstar is another option for a pocket throw but it is a little on the small side and will require greater precision for tricks. Yoyojam has the Hitman Pro and Xcon Pro that are both great yo-yos and simply fun. If you want to stick with plastics, the Surge, Classic, and Northstar/Shaqler are all great throws. Some are a bit large imo.


I dont understand the confusion here, he wants a kinda small metal throw that can fit in his pocket, and around $60, how Is the di base or di base 2 not perfect for him? Tell me how.


I want to travel more toward a metal Yo with a long sleep time. And I want it to be larger I understand it might not fit in my pocket. And for the Di base 2 I’m not a big fan of the shape of it.
To TheYoyoDoctor it’s fine if I shift towards other brands. I do want to limit my shopping to this Website.


Fairly new meaning that he is not very advanced yet.


There’s a di base 1…