YYF DV888 Vs C3 yoyo design Di base

Looking for a not so expensive metal(If I wanted more than one) good for fast tricks, good grinds, horizontals and easily siliconed(such as the groove is deeper and therefore the response lasts longer).

DI Base

di base.
that thing is ridiculously good for 60 bucks. or 50 or whatever it is.

Di Base there so good the dv888 is great but the Di base is so much better. its smoother and sleeps longer not that sleeping is really an issue in even budget metals the c3 is a much higher quality yoyo and the o-ring weights give it that customisable wieght i got a red one and a blue one the red is shiny and really vibrant and the blue is more of a matte finish i prefere the red but thats just me

How does the grinds compare between the Red and Blue. (They are actually coated with different materials, one’s BB and the other Annodized as said by C3 themselves and also retailers)

So how do you use the weight rings?