DiBase2 vs. Capless

Which one? im leaning towards the dibase2 but what do you guys think?

The Capless I think is full sized.

If the DiBase 2 is like the DiBase, it’s more mid-sized. The 2 is under-cut at the rims I think. I can’t wait to get one after BAC. I have the DiBase and the Capless. They are very different players, but both extremely good.

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I have both and I like both, it’s hard to decide which. well, for price get the Di Base 2, The Capless is bigger than the di base 2 and it might be a little bit better but as I said before it’s pretty close tie. The capless I find is better at grinds but I think the Di Base 2 beats it in maneuverability with it’s size.

Size: Capless
Maneuverability: Di Base 2
Grinds: Capless
Colors: Capless
Speed: Di Base 2 (my opinion)
Price: Di Base 2
Overall (with price and everything): TIE!!!

These are just my opinions, they may not be every bodies but these are what I think. In the end it’s just your opinion, if you like bigger get the capless, if you like smaller get the Di Base2.

I have both, and love both. They are completely different throws though.

I have been playing my DiBase 2 much more often lately. It is better for technical tricks, chopsticks, and speed.

The Capless is extremely smooth. It is suited to more flowy and chill tricks.

What do you prefer? A Lincoln Town Car or a Mazda Miata?