Nova or Capless or DiBase? Cant decide! >.<


Hey guys, so recently I have accumulated enough money to buy a new yoyo and my choices are the ones that are listed above. Can you help me to decide on which yoyo I should buy? My preferences are that it should have good or excellent sleep time, easy to learn tricks on and is competition ready (not yet gonna join, but who knows :wink: ) The shape is like the T5’s. That’s all, feedback is well appreciated! :slight_smile:


I prefer the Capless to the Di Base. Haven’t tried the Nova but it’s undersized which will likely make it harder to learn most tricks on.

Also based on your sig it seems like you really want a C3. Get the Capless and enjoy.


The Capless is amazing. I got it as my first high end metal and it has been the greatest feeling yoyo ever since. I love how it plays, you should definitely get it.


Dibase play awesome had the first one and play great till I accidentally stripped it but I have no idea how the Dibase 2 plays but I bet it plays like it’s older brother.


Thanks for the advice! :smiley:


If you haven’t decided yet, get the Capless. It’s a beast at it’s price and I got mine completely mint off the bst for $25 shipped. Plus the Capless is only $10 more.


The Di Base is really nice.

But the Capless is better if you’re willing to spend the extra money.


Is the Capless and DiBase made of 7075 aluminum? (correct me if i’m wrong with the term aluminum)


both are 6061 aluminum, though if made with 7075 they would but a bit or more exspensive.