capless vs di base 2?


Hey guys! I think I am going to get a di base 2 but I hear a lot of good things about the capless. I think the shape of the di base is really awesome, and I dont know what shape the capless is.i like h/v shapes and HATE butterfly shaped yoyos. So what do you guys think? I like heavier yoyos, but not by a lot… Like around 67g. I like medium sized yoyos. (maybe a little big) and long sleep times (ahhh, the sleep time question… I know it’s the player, not the yoyo but what do you think?)


The DiBase 2 looks more like what you are looking for. They are both great yoyos though, you can’t go wrong with either.


I have both and love both but by your standards the Di Base 2 I think would be better.
The Capless
It has a more bulky shape but everything else is right on. The size is good, the weight is good and pretty long sleeps.
The Di Base 2 is I believe 68 grams but plays pretty fast for me. Although it’s a little undersized I think that it would be your best bet.


The Capless is more along the lines of a butterfly shape, but it still plays great. Very little in regards to lines, so it’s rather plain, but still a great performer. At 56.38mm in diameter, it is full sized, with a weight of 65.9 grams. The lack of lines is what causes the lighter weight, but it has the weight you need where you want it and it plays very smooth and balanced. Not too speedy, not too floaty, not too much rim weight, not too much center weight. It’s an all-around “middle of the road” powerful performer that I still feels plays in the $100 range, so for $65, you’re in for one heck of a deal

The Di Base II is definitely a V shape. It is in the category of midsized with a diameter of 52…4mm, and a fair amount of weight at 67.6 grams, which is .7 grams heavier than the original Di Base. I haven’t played this yet, but I will soon, but odds are I’ll just buy it. I really like the original so I see no reason why I wouldn’t like this one. At the same time, my satisfaction with C3 has been very high, with 6 current yoyos in inventory. I’ve also played quite a few of their other models and felt very inclined to purchase those as well. I feel the DiBase can hold its own quite well against other yoyos the $100 price range as far as quality and performance, yet the $55 price take suggests budget. This is budget only in price. I feel that the DiBase II will have the same characteristics.

I can’t see you going wrong either way.

DiBase: Midsized V-Shape
Capless: Full sized “butterfly”.


Just noticed DiBase 2 is sold out here. Boo, hiss!


They are sold out most places right now.

I know a few places I can get one, but the shipping can be stupid.

I’m trying to figure out my July 2013 purchase. This is a serious contender. I just want it make it a sub-$80 yoyo, because there ain’t nothing wrong with any yoyo at any price as long as it’s enjoyed.


Thanks for the info. I will be trying out the OD Burnside and the di base 2 and I will see which I prefer. Because I forgot about the Burnside, but if I like the di base more, hey, ill save myself $25!