Yoyo info ?


How do the vexed, theory, severe, dibase 2, rextreme, equinox, destiny, and any other other nice yoyo around $60 that you think you should mention play?


I don’t really know the question, if your asking what else is good, capless I guess…
Edit: oh, now I get it, di base 1 or 2, and capless

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The only ones worth mentioning here are the DiBase/DiBase 2, Theory and Severe.

And yes, the Capless is also very good.


Yeah the Di Base 2 is great! If you can spend a bit more, the C3 Capless is also really nice!


Duncan Strix, it’s only $55 and comes stock with a KK bearing.


The DV888 is another yo-yo you may want to consider.


Would the first avant garde be a nice choice I found one for cheap


It’s pretty good, I would personally reccomend the Duncan Strix. Great throw right there. Oh yes, the Rextreme and Equinox are both offstring yoyos, so they’ll be REALLY big and I’m guessing you’re wanting a 1A yoyo.


if you can pickup an avant garde1 for 60 it would be a worthy purchase. also check out recrev they have cheap yoyos that pack a super punch


Very true. RecRev has top notch throws for probably the best prices around, not to mention they charge even less at contests.

I would say, choose from these:


Avant Garde 1

If you can spend a bit more, Chik
Wait and get the best plastic I’ve ever tried: Rally

Same as Rally, wait for an AMAZING plastic





Well the Trinity is just $65 now


I’ve tried all those except the first DiBase and Strix. Capless is my favorite. Perfect mix of solidity and float, great organic shape, fun yoyo.

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Good. They all play good.


Well I splurged… ALOT and I got a deadly spins wrath. This will be my last purchase for a while! (Jk) ill probably en up buying the inverse I get to test.