Best yoyo under 64$?


Any good yoyo, u can link me to a thread in the BST if u like


I personally would say that the Delrin severe is good, but if you are looking for a metal, then the capless is very good as well (so I’ve heard)


C3 Capless

EDIT: actually thats over 64… Id go dibase 2, or if you can do bst you can get some real nice yoyos for cheap like the onedrop code 2 or something


I pm’ed you. Let me know what you think


I like mid sized-full sized yoyos… Not alot of undersized or oversized yoyo,its a little small


Id say di base 2, or delrin severe. Also dont count out the magic yoyo n12 and t5!


I gotta wonder where people come up with their budget numbers these days.

Shake a few sofa cushions and scrape up another dollar.

RecRev Sine//Saw
C3 Capless
DiBase ain’t a bad option either. I haven’t played the DiBase2 yet, but I’m like 99% sure I’d love it.

Also check out God Tricks. The sOMEThING Firmy is really amazing as is the V, but I thin you want a full metal.

Also, well worth considering is the Duncan Raptor, Echo and Metropolis. Way good stuff. The Metropolis seems a bit more oriented around more modern play. The Raptor may be basic, but it’s still a great performer.

If you’re too lazy to look for yourself on BST, then maybe you shouldn’t consider that as location to look. Amazing deals are to be had in BST, but it’s worth YOU making the time and effort to hunt down the deals. Trust me, it’s worth the effort.


Yeah i used to have a destiny… It was good

I have a raptor and metropolis

Is the firmy that good?


Yes. I really like the Firmy a lot.

If you are into stuff other than metals, I like the YYJ Destiny, Hitman Pro and XCon Pro, and there’s plenty of other YYF metal/plastics I enjoy. I don’t pay attention much to price, as long as I enjoy it.

If you want to go cheap, the Magic YoYo T5 and N12 should be strongly considered. Saves you money, killer performance.


Well we can all Recommend the Capless, Echo, and Delrin Severe.

Also Dif-E-Yo throws are pretty solid.


Made a decision! Cascade for 60$ and a T5! Possibly a pyro for 19$ if i win the bid…


Woah! The cascade’s profile is pretty nice.


No, we all can’t. I played the delrin Severe, and I personally did not care for it. It’s just a matter of my preferences.


What do you mean? Of course we can! Many people in this thread have already recommended those!


I can’t.

I mean, I’m not going as far to say I “hate the delrin Severe wit the intensity of a thousand suns going through a simultaneous supernova”, but I disliked it to the point where I never want to touch one ever again.

I’m not saying it’s a bad yoyo. It can’t be. But I am saying I had strong feelings in a negative way towards that item. This was based on preferences, and my preferences really objected to this yoyo being imposed upon it.

So, I’m clarifying and requesting correct because “we all” cannot recommend this item.

I CAN recommend a DiBase, DiBase II, Capless and Echo for sure. But I can’t recommend the delrin Severe based on how it collided with my preferences.


See? You DID in fact recommend the capless.


… Dv888? Or a raptor. People think the raptor sucks since its Duncan, but it’s good.


I have both


The recommendation I am not making is the Delrin Severe, to which I am NOT recommending it.

I’ll gladly recommend a Capless. I have, and will do so again.


I have a severe (2013) but now it vibes like a chainsaw even if I tune it with loctite.