Di Base Questions


Hi I’m looking to get a Di Base and I have afew questions.

  1. Does it play floaty or heavy?
  2. Does it come with weight rings or not?

Thanks ;D


It’s neither super floaty nor super heavy but probably leans slightly more to the heavy end. It’s pretty quick through the air, handles all grinds well if you get the blast finish, and is pretty stable. Absolute steal at the $55 asking price. And yes, it does come with two rubber weight rings. I find they make the Di Base a bit too heavy and they use the thumb grind ring to hold them in place so you can kiss IRGs goodbye if you choose to use them.



Yay! After this I can’t wait for the Di base that I will get fir my b day!


The DiBase looks awesome just wonder do all DiBase come with the blast finish? Heard nothing but good things about it.


Some have the blast finish, some have more of a hard coat sort of finish. Most places have both available.



So which one does YYE carry?


I got mine from another store and it’s kind of hard to tell from the pictures. Best bet would be to shoot Andre an email.





Ask YoYoExpert. They will be more than happy to answer any questions about any product. This is the best way to get the answer to this kind of question.

Mine is bead blasted. It’s a 2012 CalStates edition, that I bought at CalStates.

I like heavier yoyos, but with the weight rings, this got too much vibe. I feel it plays better without the weight rings.