Hspin Icon or a better alternative?

I was looking for a new yoyo at sub-65$ range and Icon so far is my favorite. Now, normally i would ask if it’s good, but after reading around i understood, if i want to figure this out clearly, i must ask what is WRONG with it.

So, owners of Icon, are there any flaws, bugs or problems with this yoyo that could make me change my mind?

And is there a generally better yoyo at this price range(yuuksta, DiBase,etc)?

The Icon is a bit “old” in the way it plays, and it lacks of stability. Even with a KK, I couldn’t get used to it. Both Yuuksta and DiBase are significantly better, but my preference go to the DiBase

Di Base.

Stable, good feel, spins a good long time, massive catch zone, comfortable round rims, can grind and includes weight rings if you choose to use them.

$55. Get it! Use the rest for bulk strings!

yeah, i would have guessed that gyroscopical stability would be an issue with icon.

so DiBase is better than more expensive and famous yyf yuuksta eh? too bad yoyoexpert doesn’t have a green one.

Get a Di-base.

Done. I loved mine.

I found it to be pretty bad on several points. It was unstable and the finish, that seemed painted on, lost its texture pretty quickly. It felt very cheap to me.

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go with the di base