Yoyofactory G-funk; An under rated throw!

Ok, so before i start this review, I will go ahead and say it; I like the G-Funk a lot, but there is one ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE problem that needs fixing: the bearing seat is crazy tight. I don’t know why, but i have had 2, and both have the same problem. I actually broke my first g funk taking out a stuck bearing.
Now, on to the review!

My first experience with a budget metal yyf was a dv888. Then, i got to try out a yuuksta sometime later, and was impressed with both. On top of this let me just say it; I’m a HUGE fan of taking full size yoyos and scaling them down. I am also a HUGE fan of Gentry Stein. So when I heard that he was making a miniature of his signiture throw, I was interested. I got one, but long story short, it broke due to general incompetence (of a very noobish me) before i could get a good impression of it. Some months later, I saw them being offered at a discounted price for the champion’s collection, and i got one, a little apprehensively (because of the old one breaking)

Yoyoexpert’s Specs:

50.07 mm / 1.97 inches


39.44 mm / 1.55 inches

Gap Width:

4.63 mm / .18 inches


66.0 grams

Bearing Size:

Large YoYoFactory SPEC Bearing
Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)


CBC “Slim Pad” Size 19mm OD
PHOTOS: I do not have a way to upload photos right now, so here is a link to yoyoexpert’s page with images (G-funks available there too!)


First impressions:
BRILLIANT COLOR SCHEME YYF. That was my first thought. Mine is a nice blue with a white/ silver splash. Instead of the beadblast (i think) finish on the standard G- funk, this one has a shiny, annodized one instead. I am not good with the various forms of anodizations, so i will stay it is a smooth, bright, kinda sticky finish. The shape is a nice H, but you can see a little bit of hourglass mixed in.

Comfort/ Tech and the first throw:
Ok, so this is where i noticed a glaring error in this yoyo. The bearing packaged, the SPEC, which i usually like, is not at all well suited to it. It might just be me, but i bought this because it was supposed to be a super stable pocket/ undersized throw, and it is not with that bearing. other than that easily fixable problem (more on that in the next section) this is a very well designed yoyo; nice IRG, great response (those cbc pads never fail!). As for comfort; it is not bad, but it can hurt a little on a catch because the H shape is so radical and the gap is smaller. It sometimes catches my middle finger in the gap, which hurts.

So, after a dissapointing first throw ending in the yoyo stopping it’s vibey, noisy spin after about 20 seconds of combos, i decided that a twisted trifecta bearing was the answer. it WAS! very smooth, dead unresponsive and quiet, and long, stable spins. This yoyo plays very solid, and can go pretty fast if you push it. It almost feels full sized because of how heavy it plays and how open the catch zone is. this thing can also regen pretty well. The stability, which i know i have talked about already, is pretty crazy with the twisted trifecta in it. I just went nuts, doing as many eli hops as i could before it tilted too much to do verticle ones (so greater than like 45 degrees tilt). The answer was 65 on the first try. let me say that again. SIXTY… FIVE. I can do 30 on my protostar. On the G-funk I can do 65 extremely fast, sloppy, consecutive hops and this yoyo was all like; yeah, now correct me slightly and keep going." Believe it or not, this can even do decent horizontals! I have got to say that this is among my favorite undersized yoyos, many of which i do not like. I must mention only 3 problems: If you put a after market bearing in, it is likely to get stuck. Also, it does not grind all that well because of the finish, but they are doable, and IRG’s are very good. Another thing about that, by the way, is that that problem only pertains to the Champion’s collection G funk. The standard one can grind a lot better, if that is worth ten bucks more to you. Also, it is not all that forgiving, but it helped me make my throw better over the two weeks that i kept it and only it in my pocket.

I got this throw apprehensively, but now i’m a believer! Aside from grinds, this can hang with yoyos double the price no problem. I would gladly compete with this, and pretty much won’t leave home without it! It is a lot of fun to throw, but can be pushed to the outer limits of insanity. If you seek a great, cheap, and small metal, this might be your next yoyo!

One of my favs! Nice review btw!

Thanks man! Glad you like both!

I have a G-funk as well, great throw, but the bearing seat is ridiculously tight. I used pliers, and all the strength I could muster, and it still won’t come out. Because of this, I can’t clean or lube the bearing. I’m thinking about emailing YYF to see if I can get a replacement.

Here’s What I do to fix the bearing seat issue. All I do is take a Q-Tip and just ever so slightly coat the end with vaseline or petroleum jelly. Spread it all around the bearing seat and then wipe off any excess if there is any. (by the way, if your scared of fouling your bearing, I’m using a C3 Capless with a de-shielded bearing and the vaseline mod hasn’t messed with its performance one bit in about a few months) Then screw together the yoyo a few times to work in the petroleum jelly. If you can, repeat the same thing on the other bearing seat (if you can get it off) and then screw back on. you might have to work in the jelly for a few assemblies/dissambelies but the results really pay off. In all reallity my C3 never needed it, but i had the same problem with a YYF 44 and a Plastic Severe and it fixed both of those throws… Want some better advice? Don’t buy yyf. Its insane how they press thier bearings on there so buyer beware lol.

Have a great day. Cheers.

Use a drill bit to remove the bearing. Pliers works, but not if the bearing seat is that tight once the bearing is off, vlean it and place it back in the seat. Then remove it again. I figured if you constantly place and remove the bearing off the seat, itll sort of “break in” the bearing seat,making it easier to remove the nearing later on… If you want to keep your yoyos mint then dont do this.