So many problems! Guess I'm switching back to my protostar.


Ok, so today I was playing with my g funk, tugged it up, and it was freakin responsive again! Ug i was so mad! Anyways, i lubed the bearing about a week ago, and it was a little responsive, but that was fine. This sudden response happened randomly. I know what you guys are going to say “clean the bearing”, but i still can’t get the bearing out of the thing! What should I do? Relube it? I already changed the string.


The bearing in my kid’s G-Funk was crap and had death-grip, so I destroyed the bearing and put a Buddha Dimple in there. Problem fixed. Well, not completely. I shaved down the bearing seat a bit to take a touch of metal off it. Freezing didn’t work, bearing pullers didn’t work, and neither did pliers.

Don’t add more lube. I’ve been tracking your history online and you’ve got a habit of creating problems for yourself and not waiting for advice before acting, and then not following directions.

Go switch back to your Protostar while you wait for your new bearing to arrive. The Protostar is still great.


I ask before I do anything to my yoyo. Have You seen how many threads I have made? Anyway thanks. I’ll probably just put in another bearing that I already have though. How did you get the bearing out in the end?


Ok so i just got a little carried away and squeezed the bearing so hard that it fell apart (and then i got all of it off the bearing seat) what should I do now? How should I "shave down the bearing seat?


You can use sand paper, and just use it to file down the bearing seat a bit. This is what I do to my “death grip” YYF’s, and it seems to work out fine.


Ok. How should i do it? How long should i do it?
The bearing literally fell apart. All of the balls fell off and were rolling all over my desk. I saved them all though and have them in a plastic bag.

Rip bearing. You will (actually probably not) be missed.


Will a CT bearing work? I’ve got an extra one of those.




Yes, I have seen how many threads you’ve created. I’ve also seen how you don’t wait for answers, and then don’t follow instructions.

OK, so you’ve broken your bearing. I honestly can’t say I didn’t see this one coming. However, this is because I’ve been there and done that with this yoyo. Gah!! I hate YYF “Bearing Seat Grip of Death”!! Don’t worry, you’re right, you won’t miss that bearing. It was most likely a piece of crap anyways.

What I did to remove some extra metal around the bearing seat was simply run my pliers(the grabby part) around the bearing seat enough to take the anodizing off. I then had to use a small file to clean it up and then blew out the metal shavings OUTSIDE and then also used a wet paper towel to get the rest out. Do this to both sides.

Now, pay close attention here because you’re going to like this part a lot:

For the most part, yoyos tend to use a very small set of bearing sizes that are very well documented. The G-Funk uses a C-sized bearing. That means that this yoyo is compatible with any C-sized bearing. There are flat and shaped bearing that are C-sized.

So, if your CenterTrac is C-sized, it will work in the G-funk just fine. Personally, I think you’ll actually like your G-Funk better with the CenterTrac bearing in there. I personally think this yoyo should have had a centertrac in it in the first place.


I have the one from the protostar. Is that a C sized CT?


Yes, the CT from your protostar would work on your G-funk. This thread is making me feel so lucky that my G-Funk plays perfectly fine completely stock


Any luck on this one yet?


Yes, but you’ll need to remove the spacers to get that bearing “free”:

It would be better to just buy a few spare bearings.


I have an extra one already.


What do you mean? I havent found the time to go to the hardware store to get the wet/dry sandpaper yet, so im just playing with my protostar today. Ill get it later, maybe sometime tomorow.


Can someone tell me if I should get the YYF Skyline


Don’t feel pressured.

I took over a month to open up a box of yoyos I ordered. I still have stuff from National YoYo Day sale I haven’t even tried yet. I haven’t even strung up the Sine//saw and Silly Goose I got from another vendor for National YoYo Day sale yet.

I get to stuff when I get to stuff on my schedule.


Yeah youre right, but i do really want to get my g funk straightened out because its my only good all metal yoyo.


There wasn’t any pressure, just friendly questioning to see if there was anything else anyone could do. :wink: It doesn’t matter if he takes 2 days, 2 months, or 2 years. Or ever!


Just put the bearing from your Protostar into the G funk