Bearing help, new to the game


My name is Matt, I have been doing some research on the site the past few weeks after getting a gfunk. This last week I just got a Rally.

So a little information about me and my level. I used to compete when I was 10 in 2A, was good at 1A, and just dabbled in 4 and 5A. took the past 13 years off and recently saw all the unresponsive yo-yoing and new tricks so I was dying to get back into it.

I got my Gfunk a few weeks ago and really like it and all the sudden it became responsive, and its kinda intermittent at the time. Im assuming I need to clean it but from what Ive read i’ll probably destroy the bearing in the process.

My Rally got here before this all started happening and this yoyo i like a lot but the bearing is exremely noisey and seems to be responsive.

So I’ve been looking at bearings since i will probably need atleast one. Im planning on getting two or maybe more if others are recommended.

I am looking at the kk bearings, twisted, ct bearing and a one drop 10 bearing. the idea of the centering bearings intrigues me a lot. so obviously im leaning that way. so what are your thoughts on these bearings and do you recommend one of them over another or should i try a few of them out and find out for myself?

Thanks for your help, and I am having so much fun throwing again ;D


Sounds like your bearing just needs cleaning


You’ll likely destroy your bearings when you clean them? Um… No.


I find the G-Funk performs way better with a CBC CEnterTrac over the stock flat bearing.

Be warned, it can be very difficult to remove bearings from this yoyo.


I would try cleaning your current bearings before getting some new ones. It really is not that hard. Just be careful of course.

If you really don’t want to bother with cleaning, I find the CTX amazing and highly recommend them.

(SR) #6

I heard somewhere that if you eat the bearings and put it through the paces of your digestion system, the bearing (when it comes out of course) will be much more resilient and it will spin much longer.



Yes, but only after being thoroughly wiped down using an absorbent preferably 2-ply material.


Thanks for the contributing posts.

With the reference to destroying the bearing I was talking about the gfunk in removal. Read they dont come out easily


I tried bearing removal tools, pliers, freezing, oil and combinations of those and that bearing wouldn’t budge. So, I just said to heck with it and just ripped the bearing’s outer race off, then the inner race. I then shaved down the bearing seat just enough to remove the anodizing. Now it’s tight, but not “stupid” tight and can be removed with minimal effort with the YYF bearing removal tool.

YYF has a reputation for a death grip on the bearing seat to the bearing. Fortunately, they are responding to thousands of complaints and are making miniscule adjustments to correct this issue.

BTW: the G-Funk is my kid’s yoyo.


Thanks. So I’m gonna get a bearing just Incase. Is the ct a ten ball or should I get the twisted instead?


I’m a fan of the Trifecta. however, in this case, I do recommend the CT. I think the CT is an 8 ball. The new CTX is 10 ball. I don’t have any CTX bearings yet. I feel with the G-Funk being undersized, a little bit of ability to move on the string helps with general play, but that’s just my opinion. I have Trifectas in both my Burnsides and my TI-5 and I like those configurations.


if you buy a gacek edition ONE it comes with a centertrack and is cheaper than just buying the bearing


The only way I can counter that is to substitute the Gacek Edition ONE for the Ann Connolly WHIP for the same reason.

Now yo end up with a light-weight yoyo you can challenge yourself with, scored a good bearing and can put the OD 8-ball budget bearing in.