my brand new g funk ballbearing won't come off


i just recieved this yoyo for a present and i was going to change the ball bearing and It won’t come off. Help!!!

P.S. what kind of ball bearing do you reccomend buying thanks!!!


It’s probably because the bearing seat is tight. Try to remove it with pliers (muscles involved). If not, you could buy a YYF Multi-Tool from the YYE store.

In response to what bearing I recommend, I like the One Drop Ten Ball Bearing.


YYF is notorious for tight seating.
If your getting a new bearing anyway, use some pliers or the yyf tool.

As for bearing.
One drop

Edit: sorry to the poster above me


I like the dif-e-yo konkave bearing. spins forever and centers the string.


Nah, it’s fine. We cool. :slight_smile:


i was thinking about getting a terrapin ball bearing or a DS ball bearing. Favorites???

Oh and thanks for the replies i will do that


what’s wrong with the bearing that came with the yoyo?

ps I’ve owned many YYF yoyos with a “death grip” bearing seat, my G-Funk was the worst offender by far.


I found out the bearing was defective will let you know when I get a replacement I used it for a day