Super G!?!?!


I like gentry, and this is his yoyo. I like rim weight and h(ish)shape, thats also this yoyo. I know it’s great, but is it worth it? Im getting it from b/s/t for like $65 bucks. Is the bearing seat really tight like The g funk, (dont own one)? What do you think? Im asking cuz I can’t find any reviews :slight_smile: it just searches for super or g, not super g :expressionless: lol.


My G-Funk doesn’t have a tight bearing seat…but most YYF do. I think the G-Funk is fantastic (I don’t own a Super G by the way), and I think that the Super G would be even better. And i think $65 is a pretty good deal if its in descent condition.

I’d get that Super G.


ok oh… Are you yoyoguy345 from YouTube? Im subbed to you if you are…


Yeah that’s me, what’s your channel name?


Super G… in comparison it plays like no other.

in my opinion go for it! I think Super Gs should be $100 so yeah


Oh lol, im the one that asked for the g-funk review.


Here’s what i think-
I got my Super G when the YYF Pro Packs came along, and i got $65 for a Super G and a G Funk, so i’m not the best person to ask its worth but at $65, thats a good deal IMO. That being said, i think that the bearing seat is like any YYF in the terms that it is slightly difficult to remove the bearing, but if you have a bearing remover, it shouldn’t be a big problem. This thing plays very nicely and feels very solid. The finish allows for amazing grinds like a horizontal palm grind.


Oh ok