Supernova Question

im looking to buy a supernova after working my way up from some other yoyos and i was just wondering what bearing comes with the supernova, i didnt know weather or not i should get a ceramic konkave bearing with it too.

almost all YYF’s come with a pre-installed spec bearing. it’s a pretty good bearing so you realy shouldn’t have to buy a ceramic KK

Unless you want to waste money, I wouldn’t suggest you buy a ceramic KK. Some people even say that KK’s make your bearings worse. It can close up suicides and it bunches up the string in the center in which I don’t like for some reason.

Ceramic bearings are made of well ceramic balls, saying that it spins longer. Well it can, but not needed. The Supernova comes with a SPEC bearing which spins much longer than you need it to.

keep the spec bearing, or get a one drop 10 ball.
ceramic kk isn’t that good… makes suicides next to impossible, and the sleep time isn’t that much different.