YYF spec bearing


Hey guys, my question is about the YYF spec bearings that come with the Supernova.

I have cleaned it and re-lubed it 3 times, using mineral spirits to clean it and One drop V4M lubricant to lube it. My supernova is still really loud, plays really smooth but loud as a train. Compared to my one drop code 2, with the one drop 10ball bearing, that is completely silent and goes silent when I have re-lube it.

Is there anything I’m doing wrong? cleaning it in clear mineral spirits, they’re crystal clear no milkiness in the liquid at all. Using the V4M lube dripping one drop onto a needle and using the needle around the balls in the bearing. Replacing the shield after I’ve finished with all that to try and keep it cleaner longer.

Any help would be great, Thank you for reading.


you could put more lube on or WD-40 makes my bearings quiet :-\


I just have horrible luck with regular spec bearings. Can’t stand them. I usually just pop in a YYE bearing, a yyj speed bearing or a 10ball


More lube makes it mildly responsive, at least that’s my experience with it :(. Tried it one the second lube and played for 30-45mins trying to break it in. Should I just use more lube and take the time to break it in?


Was thinking about grabbing a couple OD 10 ball bearings to replacing a couple of my yoyo bearings, would anyone recommend this?


Get used to the noise. It’s not gonna go away. Ten balls are nice, but need maintenance all the time. Just grin and bear it. In a month’s time it won’t bother you. And if it still does by then, then trade me your supernova and code 2 :wink:


mitts off the code 2 :slight_smile: That one runs as silent as a mouse, I used a protostar before retiring it for my code 2 and got used to the noise with that. Guess the 10ball has just ruined me for 8ball bearings :’(


I would get either that or a twisted trifecta bearing. :smiley:


Desperate for a new throw much?

My twisted trifecta is beast and quiet


My twisted trifecta is way louder than the yyf spec bearing i just got in my supernova. The yyf basically just hums.

Twisted is still a great buy tho.


It’s just the nature of things some bearings are just loud. If it spins well let it be.


My trifecta is quieter than my konkave. Im pretty sure my trifecta is also quieter than yyf spec. The shape also changes the tone the bearing produces. Like concave or grooved compared to flat.

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i recommend crucial groove concave or dif e yo KonKaves these are the best bearings on the market in my humble opinion.


What this guy (and Soviet Locust) sez…


We also have to consider that the shape of the yoyo also contributes to amplifying the noise of the bearing. This is more true with plastics than metal. The shape of nearly all yoyos acts to amplify the bearing noise to some degree. Need proof? Move those noisy or quiet bearings around a bit and see where the noise really comes from.

Some bearings are quieter than others. No question about it.