Bearing choice for yyf supernova


Bought a Supernova from yoyoexpert a week ago but the new SPEC X bearing really piss me off!
I wanna ask should I buy the normal SPEC bearing or the 10-ball bearing from Onedrop??? Anybody know if the 10-ball bearing from Onedrop can put into a Supernova??


10 ball.


so the one drop 10 ball bearing can use on a YYF Supernova?? I trust you, dude.


Oh right, he forgot about the new anti onedrop software that YYF installed on their new products.


??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???


I was joking, any C-sized bearing will work. I personally like Konkaves.


I really like Center Tracs in all of my Yoyos. I leave ten balls in my one drops normally, but everything else I like a Center Trac bearings.