YYF Superstar


Hello, I plan on buying a superstar but I don’t know what response it uses.

Could u please give me a link of the response system.

Thanks ill appreciate that a lot.


And could you please tell me what type of bearing a YYF uses? and is it good?



It’s a Large Size “C” 10 ball bearing if that’s what you mean.


Wrong. YYF’s never use 10-ball’s. Only One-Drop’s use 10-balls. YYF’s only use SPEC bearings:


It uses Silicone Stickers, so there are many options you can use:
Also, check out the several different pads you can use:


are you sure that these work?


and thanks again

(Connor) #6

Yes, I am 90% sure they will work!


As you can see, I’m not a morning person! :smiley:


I am 100% sure…and then some ;D
yoyoguy, im not sure if you get it :smiley: