10 Ball bearing?

I recently got a hectic, and the bearing is garbage, to say the least. I want a new bearing, and a friend recomended that i get a 10 ball bearing from one drop. I’m always skeptic of how things will fit so I wanted to ask you guys, would a 10 ball bearing fit a Hectic?

I have the large bearing version of this yoyo, so the normal bearing for it is a YYF large bearing.

Thanks guys.

The SPEC is a great bearing. It’s not garbage, and if it really is bad then you might need to contact YYF to get a replacement or something.

However, if you want to get a 10ball, go ahead. It’s size C like the large bearing Hectic.

That may be true for you, but this is the second defective bearing(in a row) I have been sent from YYF, and I really dont want to send in my hectic again, and not have it for another week, so I’ll just order a 10 ball. Thanks.

I think these ‘defecive’ bearings are more about the owners than YYF. Then I guess a 10ball is good for you.

Go ahead and get a 10 ball. It fits fine too. You will be happy with it.

Its actually your fault the bearings screwed up. I can tell that when you got it, you didn’t thin lube either of them.

I don’t put lube in my bearing?
It still works.

I don’t know Samad. I have had like 6 SPEC bearings and all but 2 of them have locked up. And very few of my other bearings have locked up.

None of my SPECs have ever been shot.

They are great bearings.

You just need to clean them, and put a decent amount of lube on them, they work fine, one of my favorite bearings.

  1. Be very sure that the bearing seat is clean and that the bearing is sitting in its proper place, this could cause all kinds of problems!

  2. Is your Hectic the large bearing version? If so, the 10-ball will work wonderfully.

yes he said he has the large bearing

Yup, JM. He kind of answered that in the original post. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ya ya, I know. It will still work wonderfully though.

Can you put s YYJ bearing in a YYF yoyo??

Im pretty sure you can since they are both size C.

It is possible I guess.

Yeah, you can. In fact, I keep YYJ bearings in my YYF’s, and YYF Bearings in my YYJ’s. I think that YYJ bearings are underestimated.

The only reason i say the spec bearings are garbage is that the two i have received have both locked up pretty hardcore within 2 days of me getting them. I can understand locking up later down the road, without lube and proper maintenance, but within 2 days…? It seems like shoddy worksmanship to me, although I could very well be wrong.

Yea right now I have my legacy bearing in my hectic and it is working great. I’ve had the legacy for about a month and I’ve cleaned the bearing about once a week(didnt apply lube), and it works great. Also i recently ordered some lube, so ill be using that on my bearings from now on to hopefully prevent more lockups.

Thanks for the help guys, I ordered a 10 ball bearing from one drop, and they should ship it next week.

Sounds good, but there really is no need to clean your bearings every week. Feel free too, but it’ll kill your bearing much faster than if you just do it when it needs to be done. I personally end up cleaning them maybe every month or two, if that.

what do you clean them with? The first couple times i did it, i did it with lighter fluid, but after some time, some gunk built up and the bearing became responsive, then i cleaned it again, today i bought some mineral spirits, but i havent used them yet. Ill probably clean it a lot less when i use mineral spirits and use lube.

I use mineral spirits. Also, make sure not to put too much lube in. One drop should do it.