YYF SupernovA review... a must have!

The YoyoFactory Supernova…

Intro –

To start I have to say that I have always loved and enjoyed YoyoFactory’s throws ever since I have gotten back into this wonderful world of yoyos! My first metal was a YYF, that I still have and play regularly, my beloved the 888 (see avatar pic!)! Which in my book of yoyoing, set my standards of awesomeness and smoothness! So whenever a new YoyoFactory yoyo comes out I am always way pumped up to try and get my hands on one and give it a throw!!

A month or so ago I went on a small vacation of sorts to go visit family and for a graduation and along the way met a few super nice YoyoFactory guys and gals, had a great time and Patrick Mitchell is the man!! Hung out for a bit and by the end of the day I ended up with an AWESOME new throw!

…Enter, SuperNova! :o

Specs –

• Diameter: 56.3mm
• Width: 44.2mm
• Gap: 4.8mm
• Weight: 67.3g
• Bearing: large SPEC bearing
• Response: CBC pad response

First Impression –

This yoyo looks AMAZING!! I have the YoYoAddict edition (polished red with a raw splash!) and this may be my best looking yoyo yet! After getting past the pretty, shininess of it, I notice this is a big yoyo…! But it still is really comfy in the hand, VERY similar size and shape to the Proto/NorthStar’s… The Nova is just a tad wider. The Supernova logo looks really cool as well, “Super” on 1 side, “novA” on the other with the YoYoAddict triangle for the A for a nice touch… Just an all around beautiful yoyo!!

(Northstar / Supernova / Peak - size comparision shots…)

The Throw –

On the first throw… This thing is super smooth, as I have come to expect from YYF metals!! It feels very solid yet floaty at the same time. Pushing it through some of my favorite tricks the yoyo feels very fast and VERY stable… The SPEC bearings that the Supernova came with is, as most of us know, almost dead quiet, so smooth and with the combination of the Nova design and its bearing, it feels like the yoyo wants to spin forever!!! The Supernova has a nice, fairly wide gap that handles multiple layers of string without a problem yet still has nice crisp binds and comes back comfortably to the hand… The only thing this yoyo cannot do is grind, because of it’s glossy almost polished finish… I am not too big on grinds but they still can be fun every once and a while. Other than that this yoyo is pure WIN! ;D

Final Thoughts –

This yoyo, the Supernova, is a must have for anyone!! Myself, being used to smaller (undersized) diameter throws, playing this yoyo makes me want to play more full sized, larger yoyos… Between the sexiness of this yoyo’s looks and how great it plays I think it’s a great throw for the collector, casual player and an awesome competition yoyo!! I love this yoyo and it will always be a special piece in my collection. This is definitely a yoyo worth picking up and enjoying… GO GET ONE!! I know I already want seconds! O0

Nice review. When I saw the dinosaur picture at the top I was kind of like… what?