Yoyofactory Supernova

Here is a review on the Yoyofactory Supernova.

Specs :
Diameter: 56.30 mm / 2.22 inches
Width: 44.20 mm / 1.74 inches
Weight: 67.5 grams

The yoyo comes with a YYF MultiTool, an extra spec bearing and an extra pair of pads.

This is my first full metal ;D

First impressions :

This yoyo is kind of big ! Fits in my hand comfortably :smiley: although it is kind of oversized.
The finish is slightly matte but still reflects light, making it look very nice in sunlight. This yoyo has a slight thumb grind lip for IRGs. The walls protrude slightly, I suppose it reduces the loss of spin and makes it good for horizontals. There is also a laser engraving at the center if the yoyo with Tyler Severance’s Signature. This yoyo is silver splashed with red. I think this grade of aluminum is the lower as it is made in china.

First Throw :

This yoyo feels quite heavy. Really smooth, no vibe, no wobble.

Did a rather long combo. It still had a good amount of spin left and is quite stable. It only tilted slightly. Can’t do any arm grinds but finger grinds are good. It can also do IRGs.

Then, something bad happened…
My… Friend… Dropped… IT ON THE GROUND! Now there is a CHIP. It feels so PAINFUL to see someone drop your yoyo that you saved up for a very long time. :’(


It feels quite heavy but it still can play fast.

Noticed that the surface scratches easily. The bearing itself can also scratch the surface. The anodization started coming off the bearing seat but that is not a problem.

The bad thing about this yoyo is that the gap should be smaller. This yoyo throws like it has an oversized gap. Binds are not tight enough. Maybe using type 8 string will help.

Overall, it is a good choice. Does not suit my preference though. I am thinking to sell this away.

This is my first review and my english is not that good. Sorry if there are any mistakes or things that i missed out…