YYF Supernova lite review

If you are looking for a great yoyo for string tricks, you have to get the Supernova lite from YYF. The yoyo is a 2011 release based off of the Supernova. The yoyo was designed by Tyler Severence and manufactured by YoyoFactory. The yoyo is priced for $84.99, only a fraction of the price of the original Supernova. The diameter is 2.22 inches, width is 1.74 inches, weight is 63 grams, has a YYF C size SPEC bearing, and has CBC slim pad. The yoyo comes in black, blue, or red acid wash. This yoyo has a very similar shape and style to the Protostar and the Northstar. The yoyo it is almost exactly the same to is the Severe. So, overall this yoyo has a great spin time, the width is great, and has a great design. Once again, Tyler Severance did an AMAZING job!!!

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You could be more in depth with this review.
What you say basically is everything we already know.
you could done it much better.

sorry if it was not much in depth. This was my first review :’(

its ok, you could be better next time. :wink: