So I wanna get a yoyo for today and I thought I might branch out. I looked at RecRev and the Sine//Saw fit my budget and it looked nice. If any of y’all have one, what are your thoughts?


I have one and a second is on the way. It’s a fantastic yoyo. Depending on the decoration… wow.

RecRev consistently pleases me. This is lighter, smaller and faster than the “@” that this is based on, which in turn is based off the Freq. Wav. It’s very stable and smooth. I’m not sure based on the surface treatment if it’s a good grinder or not, but the recent releases seem to be a bit smooth. I’ve been really enjoying these.


I have been playing with mine for about 1/2 a month and I would have to say it deserves to be in the $80 to $100 range in yoyos. So in a way this yoyo is a steal if you are good at yoyoing already.

Beautiful Design (in my point of view, it combines performance and art with it’s design.)
Long Spin time, no accidental binds. (Due to the bearing, it keeps the string from accidental binding)
Under-Ranged Price (For the price of a YYF fundimetal, it can’t be beat.)

(For mine) Loud high pitch screeching when unscrewing.
Bearing is tight in the bearing seat.

The only thing that I can think of improving this yoyo is fixing the cons, and some soda blasting. :stuck_out_tongue:

Overall Rating for me: 9/10


If the design appeals to you at all, pick one up immediately. I picked mine up from a different store before they came to YYE, and the spec sheet was wrong. I bought it thinking that it was a 50mm throw, so I was pretty dissapointed when it arrived. I decided to throw it around anyway, and I knew there was no way I could return. If you watch Anthony Rojas’ Sine//Saw video and see how graceful and flowy his style looks—Well, that’s exactly how the yoyo feels. Something about it just makes it flow. It’s almost rythmic. On top of that, its very stable and sleeps forever. It’s quickly become one of my favorite yoyos for chilling and throwing to some music. :wink: