Recrev @

Has anyone used this throw and can give feedback about it?

Wrong section.

the mods fixed it.

The recrev @ is a great throw, it feels solid and can play fast if you need it to. It is a way different feel and play than the sine//saw, I prefer the @ over the sine//saw

What? This?

No idea what you’re talking about.

Just kidding.

The “@” is part of a series that has it’s roots in the Freq.Wav. It uses the new STAX replaceable axle system and it’s not quite as fast or as aggressive as the Freq.Wav, yet it’s still a competition destroyer. It’s slightly larger and heavier than the sine//saw, giving you a choice in size, weight and performance.

Mind you, don’t let what I just said leave you with the wrong impression. This yoyo can go as fast as you can push it. Right off, it wants to be medium-fast and will gladly take it as fast or as slow as you can go. The sine//saw is very similar except it starts off a touch faster.

I’ve been a big fan of RecRev products for quite some time. I am looking to get a second “@”, as well as a second OG Octave. This is a brand I’m gonna start buying two of the same at a time when buying a new one from now on.

I prefer the “@” over the sine//saw due to the fact I like stuff heavier, larger and a bit slower. I am moving towards faster, but I still like the bigger end of full sized and heavier, as I am starting to learn how to push things faster. Both are amazing yoyos.

Are the hubs plastic?

No, they are metal. This was confirmed by Alex himself at BAC 2013. They are also press-fit. You can bang them out like you’d do with caps on certain Duncan models.

Here’s a few other models using STAX in my collection:

Another Sine//saw:

Silly Goose, nickel. The STAX does not appear to be nickel plated:

Another Silly Goose:

The other side:

Do you like the Silly Goose better than the OG Octave?

Are you certain? Not to argue, but mine all have threading on them. Or, do you mean that one can push the axle and other STAX nub?

No. I like the OG Octave far more than the Silly Goose. That’s my preferences though. The Silly Goose is a great yoyo, but I just like how the OG Octave works for me.

The STAX have threading IN them to accept the axle. Then, press the axle into a hard surface(such as a table) to pop the STAX hub out. Remove the axle, repeat on the other side. This is what Alex from RecRev told me to do.

The STAX don’t screw into the half. That’s what it looks like to me inside mine and what I was told by Alex.