RecRev @

What do you think of the Recrev @? I think it looks promising, but almost like they’re copying onedrop’s side effects. I’m not trying to bash them, just saying what it looks like.

I had to pull the trigger and get one. Looks promising although that weight of 68 grams has me a little worried but the Freq. wave is one of my favorite throws so it should be similar enough.

Uhmm… I can’t seem to find this RecRev @?

I’m considering the Recrev Facade on my list, but I’m not too sure yet… it looks good and seems to play fine, but I need a little more information so that’s my opinion!

The @ is a bigger slimmer freq.wav.
I’m not sure how it looks like alex is copying od’s SEs with it though? It looks to me like they just have a black hub post. I haven’t seen one taken apart though, so I’m not sure how the axle system is in them.

@wretchedrapture, google “recrev @” or go to recrev’s facebook page, or to

It’s a removable replaceable axle system. Definitely similar to SEs. However, the components are seemingly perfectly cylindrical, which I think might cause problems. I’m no engineer (I just play one on TV!) but it seems to me that the taper on the SE’s will create a significantly tighter connection between the axle system and the halves.

I wonder if that taper is part of the SE patent.

I think RecRev should have just licensed SE system and “done it right”… but who am I to say?

I retract my previous statement then, they’re definitely similar. But the same could be said of a lot of things. madhouse’s tatas are similar to yyf’s hubstacks which are similar to yyj’s synergy caps which are similar to werrd’s jimmy hats.

And it appears the yoyos pictured on their facebook aren’t @s, but sine//saws, which I guess are smaller versions of the @. But I can’t find any information on them.

One of the biggest differences is that the bearing post is still on the half for RecRev’s system; the removable part is really just the threads.

I don’t think it violates anything One Drop did; seems to be on the up-and-up. However, I just think the SE system looks like a superior system and I can’t imagine it would have cost too much to just license it. But again, who knows.

Yep the bearing post difference is huge.

What they have done is actually really similar to what we did on the M1, Dingo, Y Factor. We chose to press fit those nuts, but if the fit is loose, then they function the same as the @. We chose press fit to avoid the “parts explosion” when you take the yoyo apart. There are advantages to both but we didn’t really see the nut as a user modifiable system. We wanted the system to be easier to use than that, and Side Effects accomplished the goal.

I’m glad to see other companies embracing replaceable axle parts as stripping is a very common issue.

Just to clear up the patent/licensing thing:

  1. We do not have a patent on Side Effects. We initially had a patent pending, but chose not to pursue it because it is just not worth it. Being first to market makes it so no one else can patent it so we are protected in that regard. We feel it is important and ethical to say this because we wouldn’t want anyone to think we had a patent when in fact we don’t.

  2. We are very generous with the licensing and there are already a few companies using them. Basically we license them for free - the company just purchases the Side Effects from us.


Thanks, da5id! Love it when the air is cleared right from the source.

I’ve heard the @ is smooth as glass, can’t wait to get my hands on one.

Also, buy a facade they’re awesome. I thought it was a little heavy at first but I LOVE mine now 8)

I have not tried an @ yet, but with the consistent flawless and incredible production quality coming from RecRev, I have no doubt that this is an incredible, unique, and great quality playing yoyo.

They do good stuff ya know.



This looks really good. I’ll have a hard time deciding between this and the Octave 1 rerelease.

I have seen the removable axle system myself and it is way different than one drops SE’s, they are a lot more simple, no o rings or anything, much like closed end hub stack nuts.

This yoyo looks amazing, and there has not been a rec rev that i did not like.

That pink is very striking. Like other RecRevs, I’m sure this will be well worth the price.

Looks pretty legit.

RecRev is the brand I’ve owned the most products from. I think they are one of the greatest brands out right now because they provide awesome, awesome colorways with awesome, awesome yoyos.

I kick myself over the fact that I traded away my Mangaroo and Electric Daisy. The Mangaroo got to me so much, that it’s the inspiration for 90% of my passwords nowadays.
And my Electric Daisy? Oh man. That thing was pure ecstasy; it had that blue/black acid wash that I could stare at all day. And the sound it made when it spun was greater than a choir of angels.
I had a Bad Rep Lite for a little bit and that was pretty awesome.

I currently have four RecRevs. A TA-1 and 1S, an Oscillatrix, and a Freq. Wave (traded one away). I find myself throwing the Oscillatrix and Freq Wave more than my Messiah and Sleipnir.