I haven't been here in like a year. What happened to RecRev?

So, I haven’t been here in like a year. I started throwing again a little bit, mostly my usual General Yo and RecRev. But what’s stood out to me is how freaking good RecRev is for the price. Like the performance to price ratio is probably the best out of any company that I’ve tried tbh… I haven’t been here in a year, so I’m a little unfamiliar with the happenings in the community. I was looking to see if I could get some RecRevs online or maybe at a contest coming up (I’m going to college in orange county, and since Nat’s will be in Redondo Beach this year, why the heck wouldn’t I go) but the last time they put something out was when I was still here. Hopefully it’s not a touchy subject at all, cause I know there has been some stuff in the past, but… what happened to RecRev? I would really like to get some more stuff from them.

Apparently Alex either abandoned RecRev or renamed it, his new company called T’Chotchkie (or something like that).

Their new yoyo’s decent but a bit heavy for me.

Thanks. Do you (or anyone else) have a link so I can check out this “T’Chotchkie” company/any of the yoyos? I can’t find much on it at all.

Alex is still a poor businessman.

That’s why I would only buy directly at a contest or through YYE or a different online store, except that no one seems to be carrying any and I can’t find any reason as to why not.

I also enjoyed RecRev’s yoyos. It’s a shame because Alex Kim had some good stuff. I obtained mine either at BAC (still trying to get my Silly Goose to not vibe/wobble like crazy, a bit disappointed in it actually) or through a trade. I have a SCLB, No.9, Nickel Silly Goose (which plays really silly if you ask me), Sine//Saw, and a F(x) (delrin).

Nice set of RecRevs… I also have an f(X) but I wish it didn’t vibe like crazy, I know deep down it’s a good yoyo. It was a b-grade though, and I knew that when I bought it. I still wish I could get my hands on a Freq. Wave for really cheap though… that’s one of my major wants.

Maybe the stores got tired of dealing with him as well.

Trying to find any RecRevs these days are going to be tough. The Freq_Wav was an excellent yoyo from RecRev. I didn’t try others like the Oscillatrix or the Octave, so I don’t know about those, but I have heard they were good. But all those SE throws he made were terrible IMO. Supposedly the SE’s were supposed to come off, but I got a few Sine//Saws and a Silly Goose and they were all locked on tight, so there was no chance to try and tune out any vibe in them like you can with an OD throw that actually use REAL side effects. The Neuae was a nice shot at an undersized throw, but that was RecRev’s swan song. It’s too bad, though. Alex’s irresponsibility has overshadowed the fact that some of his yoyo designs were very good. Since he didn’t come through on some trades and had some trouble with bills that he owed, he had to close shop for a while. I hope his new endeavor turns out to be more fruitful for him if he’s truly serious about it.

That Octave 3rd generation is a great yo-yo. I’m surprised it’s been in stock this long. Hint, hint, July 4th sale is coming soon. :wink:

Also, I have Frequency Wave and Reverb, which are really good models too. I never really got into RecRev otherwise though. Other companies just seemed to be pushing their stuff a lot more. The company never fully got my attention.

Recrev went from tchotkie to their current new name of “Vegan Cupcake Parlor”.
Alex’s main business right now is vapes, and apparently his business in that field is quite successful allowing him to make amazing yoyos on the side for fun. :slight_smile:

Ah, so someone (Not the member Someone) mentioned a while back that this new delrin I have is made by Vegan Cupcake Parlor, they were selling them at BAC. When I asked what kinds these were at BAC, they said it was RecRev. But when I saw the RecRev name kind of went belly up, it left me wondering what this throw really was. Now it all makes sense.

Hehe…I remember the Bad Rep. They were so darn heavy after a couple throws your knuckles would scrape the ground ;D So they came out with the Bad Rep Light

I have owned six RecRevs and have two currently. One of the yoyos I wish i never traded was the Electric Daisy blue/black acid wash. It played amazing and I’m trying to get it back because I consider it to be one of the most gorgeous yoyos ever. It was mint, smooth, and i was a moron for trading it.
I owned two Freq. Waves and two Sine/Saws for 3A (at different times) but i liked them two much and just used them for 1A. A long time ago I traded a Mangaroo, and then i realized how much i missed it and i searched around for another and then bought the last one in stock from YYSR :stuck_out_tongue:
I recently traded a TA-1S and Oscillatrix (which had some vibe from a very small ding)
What I own now is that Mangaroo and a Turning Apparatus which will take a lot to get off of me.

RecRev is amazing, really. For making 60-70$ throws, they have a HUGE desire to be owned. There’s just something special about them… too bad they’re run by a laissez faire dipwit.

I hear you about their take on the Side Effects…I mean, Stax (as I think that’s how they’re marketing them as). I tried to remove the bearing to clean on my Silly Goose only to find one of the SE’s coming out. I go to put it back in and this thing felt like the infamous California 1989 earthquake on a string. So, with my lack of knowledge of tuning a yoyo, I would take these back out and put it back in with a slight rotation and got it a tad smoother. Most of the time though I just keep the yoyo stored away. It’s also good at cutting strings. As pretty as it is to look at, that’s about it. It could have been an amazing throw but it’s vibe makes it unusable and it’s string-trimming characteristics render this useless. It’s the nickel version by the way.

I’m afraid to even mess with my much smoother playing Sine//Saw which I find is an amazing throw.