Regarding RecreationalRevolution (RecRev)

We just wanted to address a recent concern on the forum regarding RecreationalRevolution.

The overall track record of Alex who runs it has not been the best over the past few years which became obvious in a recent thread. We brought this to the attention of Alex and he is making an effort to fix his mistakes and move forward in a positive direction.

We have a number of products that we have held here at the YoYoExpert office for weeks to months waiting to officially launch while we worked with Alex to make sure he is ready to resolve any currently open problems regarding his product. And to assure those of you who are considering his products that he will stand behind them moving forward.

He is registered on our forums with an account RecreationalRevolution - and if you have an outstanding issue that RecRev has not resolved he should be happy to assist you.

RecRev does have great designs and supports amazing players like Anthony Rojas and while we carry their products in the store we will work with them to ensure they do not fall short on the customer service end as well.

Any questions or concerns for us regarding this - we would be happy to address.

Thank you!


This is why I love YYE.

Well, wow. Great job Andre!

thank you kindly, Andre.

alex here. i concur with everything there was to concur with in the post Andre made above.

also, personal messages, requests for things i might owe you, love notes, death threats, and all other incurring threats may be sent to:
i had lost the password for awhile (i’m pretty paranoid and use many different ones), i set up weird security questions and forgot one of my old teachers’ name - it was quite the mess. is now checked often.

also, i haven’t been on a yoyo forum in quite some time and i only really have one thing to say:
now, go buy a shutter. i personally own one and enjoy it very much.

#ty, bg

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YYE is amazing :smiley:
Actually, this reminds me, I’ll have to try a Sine//Saw at GA States and see how that plays and see if the bearing seat is as tight as people say it is.

I"m happy to hear RecRev is making efforts to change their ways.

I’ve been nothing but pleased with the many RecRev yoyos I have purchased. It’s a brand I’ve had no issue recommending.

Thanks for getting things moving back in the right direction!

This. Is. GREAT.

Words cannot express how elated I am about this. RecRev is my favorite company, and their designs are phenomenal. I was pretty disappointed about the other thread regarding such issues, but I knew I had no say in how it was.

Loving this.

Wow, I can finally get a spacer for my Paper Mache :smiley:

Gosh yye is freakin awesome. Alex it’s great to see you start fixin things and hopefully from now on you won’t have anymore trouble. Good luck.

Rec Rev make great yoyo’s I’m glad to see that you’re stepping up and trying to fix any issues ! The Sine//Saw is a great yoyo BTW :slight_smile:

As many others said, this is why I love YYE. :slight_smile:

And I’m happy to see RecRev is making trying to turn itself around. They have some great yoyos, and yoyoers on their team. Good luck, Alex. :slight_smile:

Honestly Yoyoexpert, you really need to just ditch this guy and wash your hands completely of him. He has been scamming people for years. The guy doesn’t deserve any more chances. yeah, his yo-yos are great, but so is every other yo-yo manufacturer out there today, and these manufacturers don’t rip people off. Has he paid the machinists? Has he paid back the German guy in the last thread about him? Even if he has, based upon his multiple year track record of taking peoples money and “forgetting” to send stuff, this issue is just going to pop up again in a few months (weeks?)

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Please consider and understand this as very much of a ‘last chance’ to RecRev on our behalf. Again - we have some product we have paid for some time ago - ready now to release - that we did not want to release without first giving RecRev a chance to make things right and making sure people understand that we only support a manufacturer committed to supporting their customer.

Moving forward RecRev and Alex understands that if he does not resolve issues accordingly RecRev will no longer be sold here.



This company was never going the right direction to begin with. Alex dropped the compass overboard on the way out of the harbor.

So many salty [insert language] in this thread.

Anyway, now I wonder if there will be A-grades for the f(x). Though my B-grade is completely flawless, I want to grab the same yoyo as its best performance.
Good stuff, YYE.

I have an A-grade f(x). and a B-grade. You have to go to another store for that for now.

The first run was entirely B-grades, which is where I got my B-grade from. The 2nd run had a slight change in design(rounding some edges, nothing major) and seems to have had a fair number of B-grades, but this is where the current batch of A-grades come from. This is the run I got my A-grade from, as well as a B-grade for my kid and a friend.

I’ve heard a lot of that. I’ve bee fortunate that I’ve taken the efforts to avoid having issues. At the same time, I did this by buying from online stores or from RecRev direct at contests.

People can change. Only time will tell. I can give them a chance by buying through YYE(although I gotta admit, I just ordered a second “@” and a second OG Octave at another retailer). At the same time, I just placed an order at YYE for some other goodies.