Contact Information for Rec-Rev?

Does anybody happen to have the contact info for Rec-Rev? Is the owner of Rec-Rev a member here on YYE? I’m trying to get this issue (,54300.0.html) and needed to contact them to see if they can help. Thanks

I would contact yoyoexpert since they deal with them but I saw your other post and you got this in a trade, so I am not sure if recrev would fix it unless all of their yo-yos are having the same issue. But still a good idea to contact them, maybe they can give you some ideas or get you to the right person.

Well, the yoyo is stripped. This is not RecRev’s (or YYE’s) fault, it just means you may have accidentally tightened the yoyo too much. This will happen on any yoyo. To be honest, I wouldn’t recommend retapping it. It would probably be cheaper to just buy a new one. Plus, if you were to retap it, there’s a chance it will come out with a pretty bad vibe or wobble. So I’d just buy a new one since it’s such a cheap yoyo. It’s a great yoyo.

I know you’re not the only one with this has happened to. And many people are saying it’s RecRev’s fault. Although their threads are maybe slightly less durable compared to some other brands, it’s not RecRev’s fault. If it wasn’t overtightened it wouldn’t have been stripped. I have a ton of RecRevs, and they play awesome. I’ve never had one stripped, and I yoyo a ton. Especially with my RecRevs. I know you didn’t say it was RecRev’s fault, but I just figured I’d say this because I know people have brought it up before, and I’d like to have my input on that.

Anyways, good luck with your yoyo! Just try not to overtighten any of your yoyos.

I needed a new spacer from Rec Rev. They had no contact information and YYE could’t get a hold of them…

First of all…I was not the one who ‘overtightened’ or stripped the yoyo. I made a trade with someone on here and that is how the yoyo came in the mail, I just want to get this stupid thing fixed or else I’m out a Jon Rob Supernova for nothing. Thanks

I don’t see how this would be Rec-Rev’s problem, or why they would have the facilities to fix it. They don’t machine their own throws or anything. Someone crossthreaded the yoyo and then they traded it to you. That’s the person you need to contact, and I’d demand that they trade back because they definitely knew about it.

I also agree with the above that this yoyo is probably not worth paying someone to retap, unless they’ll do it for free. By the time you shipped and paid someone 20 bucks to mess with it you’ve basically totaled it out.

Just for the record, I don’t see any evidence here that he’s expected Rec-Rev to pay for fixing it. He’s merely asked here and in another topic if Rec_rev could fix it, and how to contact them.

I don’t think anyone suggested that.

But he is barking up the wrong tree. Rec Rev won’t be able to do anything about it…and really, he shouldn’t be the one who has to fix this thing if he doesn’t want to. It was a bad trade and given the value of this yoyo, and the plausibility of it’s being restored to original condition, he shouldn’t be focusing on anything but getting his Supernova back.

Again, I’m not saying he expects Rec_rev to fix it for free. My impression is that he thinks MAYBE Rec_rev would have the facilities to fix it, at a cost to him. Which is why he’s asking. On the other hand, I believe he’s pursuing alternatives at this point.

I still completely agree.

Well whoever overtightened the yoyo is at fault. Not RecRev, or YYE. So instead of contacting RecRev you should contact the person you got it from and tell them. It’s not RecRevs problem. I can understand if you’re saying you can pay RecRev to retap it for you IF you pay… But I seriously doubt RecRev would do that. I know the owner personally, and I know that he won’t retap it. Maybe 3yo3 would do that for money. But as I explained in my previous post, you’d be better off buying a new one than retapping it. Just buy a new one, or get the Supernova by other means. I don’t know what else to say. It might not work out as far as the trade. Not much you can do other than just buying a new one or complaining to the person you got it from who you claim ‘overtightened’ it.

What happened to half of this thread?

I contacted Landon on getting it re-tapped and the guy who sent me the damaged throw is going to give me $25 bucks to get it re-tapped. I was just looking for Rec-Revs contact info to see if they could re-tapp it before I spoke with Landon. I may just try and buy another half from someone though or just buy a Magic YoYo N12 or 2 T5’s. I haven’t decided yet.

N12 sounds quite delish.