Can I fix this Rec-Rev axle thread?

I received a Rec-Rev Ta-1 in a trade today and when I took it out of the packaging and before I put the halves together I noticed this. (see picture below) I tried to see if the yoyo would twist together slowly, to not cause anymore damage, but it only goes in crookedly. Is there a way to replace this thread some how? I just want to get this throw back to working condition. Thanks and please see all of the pictures below. The axle seems fine, the thread however that the axle twists to is all jacked up.
Untitled by g3nji, on Flickr
Untitled by g3nji, on Flickr
Untitled by g3nji, on Flickr
Untitled by g3nji, on Flickr

I have the same problem with the same yoyo. Maybe a re-tapping done by Landon?

How much does that cost? Also, do you think Rec-Rev would fix it if I try contacting them?

Hmm, it looks like only a small bit at the top of the threads is damaged. Try forcing the axle in with an allen wrench.

I think landon charges $20… i have never contacted a company about fixing a yoyo since my friend Chris’ parents have a private machine business.

How would you do that exactly? Would you mind explaining a bit more in-depth? Thanks

This happened to my friend’s Octave 3 as well. I just got a Freq.Wav and am gonna be extra careful with the axle.

Is this an issue with a lot of Rec-Rev’s?

I’m not sure, but I really hope not. I love how RecRev’s play.

Start threading it in carefully, trying to keep it straight. After you get it started then use the allen wrench. An alternative is to get a tap of the right size and try to straighten the threads w/that, again taking extra effort to start it in straight.

It won’t twist in straight at all, it starts to go in crooked. Also, this throw doesn’t have the place for an allen wrench on the outside where caps would be like on YYF’s. This is the exact model Thanks

I know the guy that owns rec rev, i don’t think he can fix it.


The dude who runs this company is probably the hardest one in the industry to reach and is not very dependable, you’re better off talking to Landon.

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Thanks, I found his username under the list of trustworthy modders. I’ll send him a message, thanks again!

Just for a point of future reference, the allen wrench fits in the axle, not in the caps. Axles are usually made from set screws and have an allen head on one end. Check it out to see what I’m talking about.

At this point it’s better to contact Landon as you’ve decided to do.

I get what you meant now, I’ll try taking the axle out and twisting it into the other side with an allen wrench (YYF tool) to see if it’ll work or not when I get home. Thanks

Not into the other side, into the damaged side. Chances are if the axle won’t go in straight, it will once the axle reaches the undamaged threads.