Can I fix this Rec-Rev axle thread?

By the other side, I meant the damaged side, because the side it is in currently is fine as far as I can tell, but I haven’t removed the axle yet. I’m at work now, but as soon as I get home I’ll try your advice. Thanks

Well… i met him and if i really tried hard i might be able to get you his phone number.

It’s okay, I didn’t talk to Landon, he didn’t message me back, but I heard from mrcnja in the chats and he said he’d be able to do it for me. I’m mad though that someone on YYE would send out a broken yoyo like this. I’ve done 37+ trades and this is the first time I’ve ever had a problem…ever! I gave the guy the chance to ‘right his wrong’ before I call him out…hopefully I don’t have to result to such measures.

I’ve had tons of problems like this, a stripped YYF Nova, and even a Hspin H20 where the axle would fall out. If you can’t fix the yoyo, I can probably do a redneck fix on it lol.

It should be fine now, the guy is either going to pay to get it re-tapped or trade it out for another throw, but I’m trying to talk to him now to see which. Thanks for everyone’s help, I really appreciate it.

Would you be kind enough to get me his phone number? I need a spacer…

It seems to be more common with Rec Revs than any other brand based on how often these threads come up on the forums.

They make some nice looking yoyos at very competitive prices but I’ve always avoided them because it seems they’re more prone to stripping than almost any other brand.

It’s probably because the yoyo’s weren’t loved as a child, or didn’t have their parents around that they resorted to stripping ;D

Anyways, lol. I spoke with the guy and he’s going to send me the $25 to get it re-tapped. I already spoke with Landon and got his address, so as soon as I get the money from the guy I’m going to send it out. Thanks again for everyone’s advice.