When i unscrew my canvas thes little wire circles fall out that look like smaller c clips?? Y?


You broke it.


It still works fine…

Wait wat??


Sounds like you stripped the threads to me.


But it still has threads.


It also started vibing but i think the axle is bent. Ya ur right 3 threads are gone. It still works fine though


It’s probably only 1 thread of the all the ones on it. You’ll be fine as long as you make sure it goes in straight from now on. Maybe do your maintenance on a level table and use a monkeyfinger tool or needles to pick out and knots around the bearing on that yoyo in the future.


Yeah, as much as possible do NOT unscrew that yoyo anymore.


Its fine the threads are strong i just put the axle in sideways by accident once


I did this yesterday with my Genesis. The axle was lined up perfectly too, now it won’t even screw together -__-


That sucks, Zen. For non side-effect yoyos, it would be cool if companies borrowed Spin Dynamics’ helicoil insert idea.


I know that would be great! Or if we could get some 6061 axles that would be cool too :slight_smile: Arn’t axles normally steel?


Get it rethreaded then. 6061 axles? No, just no. Aluminum is too weak to make an axle out of.