Problem with my DM2

Well, I was playing with it this afternoon, I noticed it seemed to have an unusual amount of vibration. I checked to make sure it was screwed together all the way, and it came apart in my hands. I assumed the axle was stripped which would have been fine, as I have a spare axle. But, looking closer, I realized the threads actually fell out from inside the yo-yo itself… I have emailed Yoyojam about this, waiting on a reply. But I was wondering if anyone has had anything similar happen to them, and if so, if there is anything to do other than replace it…
pics of what happened:

I’m not sure I understand what I’m seeing. That twisted metal is the first part of the threads?

Is this a new DM2? The response looks wrong. It should be white, not green, but maybe it’s your lighting. I’m thinking you twisted it together too hard, but I think that would look different. That kind of reminds me of some sort of metal defect in the solid spin axle seat.

Can the axle screw in at all? It looks like you have good threads still in there.

Where did you buy it from? Contact them as well.

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Yea, umm, that’s not really Yoyojams problem. What happened was the threads got stripped, this can happen when you unscrew the yoyo a lot, you over-tighten the yoyo, cross-thread the yoyo, or simply from time and use. What you can do is epoxy the axle into the stripped side.

I don’t think i twisted it too hard, I was always careful when screwing it together, as I’ve stripped a yo-yo before, and was wary of it happening again. It doesn’t look like it stripped. The threads literally fell out, in one whole piece (that is the twisted metal piece you saw).
My dad, who is a general contractor, says it doesn’t look like it stripped at all, but that it looks like a manufacturing defect, that the threads were cut too deep and broke out.

Its not new, I bought it about a month ago, and those are lime green k-pads that are a few days old, hence the non-original color. The axle does screw in some, however it isn’t enough to get a bearing in there, or i would still be happily throwing away.

I bought it here of course, I’ll send them an email now, I didn’t think to contact them.
Thanks for the response.

Ive just had this happen to me this weekend. Exact same thing but just 2 or 3 of the threads. So I can still get it to hold together, barely.

Strange… when did you order it? maybe we got a bad batch or something…

Happened to my Go Big. Not really a big deal.