Stripped my DM2 =(

:’( :’(
As the title says, the part thats inside the DM2 and the axle screws into was been stripped, its all smooth now. and my adjustable axle is now stuck in one end (non stripped) part of my DM2. So i need to replace it, anyone know what details i would need in order to buy a new bearing in the yoyo that was stripped, any info on the name of that part would also be appreciated :wink: . And how to remove that stripped part from my yoyo itself.

Why do you need a new bearing for your stripped yoyo?

Use the contact button up top to get in touch with Andre or someone who can assist you. YYE has excellent customer service and will fix your Dark Magic for you.

If the insert is stripped your yoyo is pretty much dead. It can be fixed by a modder but rethreading those inserts isn’t as easy as it sounds. Maybe try to buy a half a DM from someone that has had the same problem.

If the insert is stripped, then you need it re-threaded, or get a new yoyo, on something like a DM2, its probably not worth getting it re-threaded.

However if its just the axle thats dead, screw it out with a pair of pliers, or a Allen Key, and then just get a new axle for it and put that in instead.

I gave my.stripped dm2 to andre here at yoyoexpert and he sent it backngoodnas new for free

Hey guys, just a word of caution on these, and yoyos in general. The threaded axle hubs on most yoyos are aluminum, a very soft metal. Use care in tightening them. Snug’em up, but not too tight, ehhh. :wink:

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Also be careful not to cross thread. That will result in messing up the threads.