How to remove a completely stripped DM2 Axle?

Currently my axle on my DM2 is stripped and doesn’t tighten to the other side, so I am in need of replacing the axle. However, I’ve tried locking pliers, and with no avail. I also heard to try the allen wrench to remove it, but the hole for the allen wrench is not facing up so I can’t remove it. Is my yo-yo useless now?

did the solid spin axle break cuz yoyojam im pretty sure are supposed to fix that for u if it does break

What do you mean the solid spin axle is broken? The axle is just stuck inside the hole. I can’t remove it even if the pliers are tighten as much as possible, no avail.

That happened to me once too; all I did was screw it together without the bearing in it and tighten it just a little bit. Then I unscrewed it and the axle ended up on the other side and screwed out easily. And if it didn’t work I just kept trying until it did. Hope this helps.

P.S. Are you 101% sure that the axle is stripped? Because if you are [the above] isn’t going to work.

I can’t tighten it to the other side. I just goes in all the way without the bearing without even tighting it, and I can move it in and out.

Yes it is COMPLETELY stripped, like it is as flat as a table, thats why I am trying to remove it. I can’t remove it. I’ve tried drills, vise grips, and pliers and NOTHING.

Is there any modders out there willing to remove my completely stripped DM2 axle? I’ve tried drills, pliers, and vise grips with know avail. Any Modders think they are able to remove the axle easily?

You should be able to unscrew it with a pliers. Sometimes YYJ axles fit very tight in one side. Try putting some penetrating oil or WD-40 at the base of the threads. Let it sit for an hour or so. Don’t know your age, so will just suggest that maybe let someone stronger try it if all else fails.

As suggested a penetrating oil such ad WD-40 or liquid wrench plus time olive vice grips are your best option.

just get some wd40, a pair of plyers and a super strong guy and your all set :wink: