My axle is stuck and I can’t get it out. There is a piece of torn string in the axle and I think it is preventing me from removing it. Now my ball bearing no longer spins on the axle!! PLEASE HELP!!

Get some pliers and twist it off, the axel. I don’t think the bearing actually spins on the axel. I’m sure it spins inside the bearing seat. You may have forced the bearin into the seat crooked or something but then the dm2 bearing shouldn’t be a tight fit.

Im sorry, but NOOOO!!

Do NOT use pliers. You could strip the axle, rendering the yoyo useless temporarily. You could buy an other one, but its still a bad idea.

But if you meant to refer to the bearing seat, then pliers are fine to remove the bearing off. Remember, wiggle, and dont pull too hard, or you may destroy a bearing.

You don’t need to remove it you know.

Is there a Hex on the end of the axle? If so get a YYF Multitool a Loop900 key or a Hex thing (ugh I forgot what their called) that fits.

Have you tried taking the bearing out with a pair of pliers? That’s going to get it out.

Have you unscrewed it?

I don’t really see how the axel can be stuck unless you screwed it in wrong in the first place. If that’s the case, maybe it won’t go in right after you get it out.

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Its string stuck in the bearing and axles aren’t meant to be removed so they are in pretty tight.

Sorry, but you are dead wrong on that point.

If the hex key hole is exposed, a normal allen wrench is called for. If not try this - Double Nut method to Remove an Axle

Ok, to summon it up.

He has LOST his big C bearing, and is trying to make his DM2 unresponsive another way. It WAS unresponsive because he was using Graphite as lube. He got some on the response and now it is responsive. He wants to make it unresponsive.

The answer, buy one of the bearings Supbreh mentioned.