Stripped axle

I stripped a little circle of the axle on my dm2, and was wondering if I could just unscrew the axle and screw it in the other side.
Would this work? I was wondering because I could screw the yoyo without the bearing inside

Are you talking the axle or the axle seat?

You can put the axle into either side. You can also replace the axle by going to Home Depot and getting a #8-32X1/2" set screw(sold two to a bag) for around a dollar.

Try to be more careful. Stripping axles is becoming a big problem from what I’ve seen on the forum lately.

Axle itself :stuck_out_tongue:
U can buy them at home depot???

I meant can u put the stripped part inward and would it work?

If the axle is stripped just go buy a replacement. It’s a set screw, available at most any hardware store. If they don’t have a set screw, get a regular screw of the proper thread size and cut the head off.

Do you need special tools to cut part of it off?

Also what are the measures for dm2 axle? (yyj axle6)

It is best to replace the axle or the axle seat could get striped and if that happens there is little you can do to fix it.Wait and order one from yoyoexpert or get one from home depot

If you want the Home Depot Part number:

It’s a Crown Bolt Set Screw, #8-32 X 1/2" Stainless Steel

Do you need the barcode number? I have a packet right here in front of me right now and rest assured they work perfectly in a DM2.

However, if you’ve stripped the Solid Spin Axle(where the axle goes into), you’re done. The odds are not in favor of it being re-tapped.