striped threads on a DM2


my very first unresponsive throw was the Dark Magic 2. I used it heavily and now the threads on the inside of the yoyo are striped. When I try to screw the two halves together, they just keep spinning and spinning because the axle is not catching the threads. I’ve tried several different replacement axles and none of them work so its the threads on the inside.
is there a way I can mod/repair this yoyo to It will screw together?

I think you’re going to have to have the DM2 re-tapped with a slightly larger size and then find a set screw to match. This may be something you want to have done for you by someone with the correct tools and skills. I know I wouldn’t do this on my own yet for both those reasons: no tools and improper skill set.

Then again, I know how we all develop attachments to inanimate objects. I like my DM2 for the same reasons: first yoyo, first unresponsive yoyo, yoyo I am currently learning with. But, sometimes we have to move on. It may be that time. You can go new or you can see if there is anything in the buy/sell/trade area. I make this suggestion because I honestly don’t know what it would cost to have the yoyo re-tapped. Getting a new set screw won’t be a big deal.

First off, email yoyojam before you spend any money getting the yoyo re-tapped. explained your situation, you never know what may happen.

lol i just got 4 new throws so I think i’ve moved on. but the dm2 is still part of my collection…

I’ll try email yoyojam. But if I do manage to find someone who can drill new threads, how will i find an axle thats compatable with the yoyo and the bearing? lol maybe ill just get a new one.

Go to home depot and thread it on different set screws until you find “The one.”

The modder who re-tapped would tell what axle size it is.

I totally agree. I bet he’d even either throw in the axle as part of the service or sell it to you. That just makes the most sense.

And more than likely pick the right size BEFORE he retapped it in the first place.