thread in my throw. need some help

So I recently traded a yoyo and in return I got a messed up yoyo when I was under the impression that nothing other then the axle was wrong with it, turns out it wasnt all that was wrong with it, I have reason to that the thread is is messes up. I was wondering if there was anything I could do to possible fix this problem and get the throw I was promised. Please I need your help to fix this

Either the axle needs to be replaced, or it needs to be re-tapped.

Landon Balk of 3Yo3 is the “go to” guy for this kind of work. You’ll want to contact him. I can say with authority he does amazing work.

Without knowing more, this could all be tied to the axle problem. Maybe the seller didn’t know the specifics, but knew there was an issue in the axle area.

Well if it was me, I would contact the person I traded with, and see what they think. It’s in bad trading ethic to send off a broken yoyo with out fully detailing what is wrong. Not knowing is fine, but the person should be willing to trade back, if that is the case.
Getting ahold of a good modder will help if the body of the yoyo is stripped.

But all this makes me have to ask what yoyo is it? If it is a really cheap yoyo it will likly not be worth sending to a modder. If it is a yoyo with a nut/bolt system you may just need to replace the nut or bolt or both.

I have already contacted the person I traded with and we are trying to work something out. I was just wondering if it was in fact fixable. But it is a clyw sasquach

A CLYW Sasquatch? It’s probably worth fixing then. It may end up being a teeny bit heavier in the center, but it should still perform amazing.

Those things go for a lot. I would try to get it fixed good luck. I have a mg that was fixed by frank dif e yo. He tapped heli coils into it. Works better then the stock ones.

I’m not sure I understand the issue. Is it loose? Cross threading?

This may be completely impossible, but maybe the solution would be to see if spin dynamics could insert a helicoil for you. May fix the issue without having to expand the width requiring a thicker axle.

Or, if it seems to be getting stuck in the middle of inserting, it may be possible it’s not the original axle and just has a different thread count. Either way don’t force it, the threads in the body may still be fine and it’s the axle not matching up.

I’m just tossing out possibilities, but first thing I’d do is check to see the axle threads match

Is the issue in both halves? Or just one?
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I’m not entirely sure what the exactly problem is I believe its due to cross threading. It’s not that if isn’t the original axle because I bought a brand new one from the clyw store. Im pretty sure that its both sides of the yoyo

do have a way to contact him so I could possibly get mine fixed    That is his website.  I am sure there is a contact somewhere on there.

Landon Balk of 3Yo3 seems to be the most active yoyo modder at this time, there are lots of modders that could do what you need done.  Me personally I would ask around and see who is willing to do it for the least.  There is not set price list for these things, its largely to do with how much time it will take that person and how much they like you.

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Contact Landon Balk, known here as : 3yo3

He’ll get back to you with a rate(super affordable) and usually has a turn-around time of a week. But, don’t go sending and expecting stuff done. Always contact the modder ahead of time to see if they can do the work and are willing to do the work.