does your axle broke?


So I was just yoyoing like every day and suddenly my yo yo start making weird noise so open up my yoyo then I pot it back on but some thing went wrong!!! I can skew it back tightly This is kinna hard to enplane but my friend told me that the Female knots’teeth(i dont reaily know what its call) bent over each other.So i was just wandering if any of u guys have this problem.And how can I prevent it from happening ??? ???

PF.Female knots=the thing that u use to skew the axle with so the yoyo r in one piece
PF.2 I am sorry if I dont explane it clearly i just dont know what its call in english


It sounds like you cross threaded it.


If it’s completely stuck and won’t move, probably cross threaded. If it can’t be screwed back tightly, either the threads in the yoyo half or the axle are stripped. Either way, this was caused by screwing it back together at an improper angle, but forcing it anyway.

If you’re lucky, just the axle is stripped and the threads inside the yoyo half are still usable. In this case, get a new axle. More likely, you’ve either cross threaded or stripped the threads on both enough that the yoyo would have to be re-tapped and/or a new axle is required.

…however, I find it most likely that you really won’t be able to understand this. Not an insult, I just see that as relatively likely.


THANK GOD!! I can understand your text ;D thank you very much(im not being sarcastic so dont worry)
The problem is at threads in the yoyo half I think ::slight_smile:
Does this happens to other yoyoer out there too ???


Yes and there are folks around here who can retap the throw for you.


Landon balk(3yo3) is amazing at it. I recently had the same type of problem where the inside threads were stripped and needed to be rethreaded. It was amazingly painless. Just he might charge you a little more just because shipping costs, but he does the process for $20usd


He’s in Thailand so using someone here to fix it may be a stretch.